Amazing Lucas’ response to Don Lemon’s wretched attack of Kanye

Lemon mocks Kanye’s visit with President Trump in the Oval Office, laughs as panel guests call him a ‘token negro’

10/15/18 – This video by Amazing Lucas beautifully examines through satire the depths of offensive speech and attitudes displayed by CNN’s anchor Don Lemon and his guests. Please watch it. He’s very funny.

My feeling on this deeply disturbing behavior is that Lemon and the panelists should be fired.

I believe in and support free speech. But when you are speaking from a corporate position, the corporation has the right to fire you.  If CNN has any sense, if they desire to slow down their decline in both ratings and respect in the industry, they need to fire Lemon and every panelist that uses such language and attitudes.

If Lemon wants to say such things to his friends or if he wants to write his own book and express this type of attitude, that’s his right. But, not as a professional broadcaster. There are certain minimum standards that must be kept.

It’s absolutely nauseating that we have come so far yet spoiled, bought and paid for media darlings display and encourage this kind of bullying and mocking. The hypocrisy pouring out of the old media is acrid.

We are one people in this country. It is the deep state saboteurs, through media pressure and social engineering, who are tying to divide us so we become weak and susceptible to subjugation.

Kanye had some suggestions, CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions, that he wanted to share with a President who is willing to listen and might actually be able to help achieve some of them. He wants to bring people together, as do I, not inspire division as Lemon does.


The toxic attitude and outright mockery of Kanye, of those with disabilities, of a citizen trying to make things better, of a person thinking for themselves is not only uncalled for but is utterly reprehensible. Lemon preaches the Democrat plantation party line of group think from his CNN pulpit.

Kanye won’t give up his individuality and thinking for himself…and neither will we!

CNN should fire Don Lemon and every one of those panelists. And we should apply the pressure to CNN and to the advertisers on Lemon’s show.


Amazing Lucas said:

“CNN’s Don Lemon criticizes Kanye West’s visit with President Trump in the Oval Office as he reminds people that he’ trying to help the man. Combine this aid with the media assistance and we have a full blown support group….of wolves.”

Town Hall wrote:

CNN’s Don Lemon moderated a panel Tuesday evening in which two of the panelists referred to Kanye West using an offensive racial term. Lemon cracked up at the first use of the term which was apparently a reference to a Chris Rock joke and did not comment on or criticize another panelist calling Kanye a “token Negro.”

“Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read,” CNN commentator Bakari Sellers quipped.


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