Trump’s October assault on the Deep State

The rats are starting to turn on other rats. -Dave Janda


10/14/18 – (Dave Janda) In this video update by Dr. Dave Janda, he surmises that one of the first steps President Trump had to make was to get Justice Kavanaugh placed in the Supreme Court. He needed someone committed to the restitution of constitutional law.

The next step is the declassification of the FISA warrants, the first one that brought down Carter Page, the texts between Comey and McCabe, and the 302 forms the FBI has to fill out.

The first warrant was not signed by the court but was signed in this case by Loretta Lynch. While she does have authority to make an “emergency” decision, she is required to do so based on accurate information and evidence. She made the “emergency” decision, knowingly, on fraudulent information that was created and paid for by the Hillary campaign and the DNC. Making that decision on fraudulent information is, in and of itself, a criminal act.

“Rats are starting to turn on rats,” Janda says.

Ben Garrison_trump_fisa_documents

James Baker testified last week that the information was biased, and admitted he was given the fake Russian dossier by Sussman, who is connected to the DNC and the Hillary campaign.

In the texts between Comey and McCabe, there is active sedition and treason within the highest level of the FBI, including people in the white house. Obama had information passed to him about the take down of Trump: that is sedition and treason.

The 302 forms: Bruce Ohr was the main author of the Russian “dossier”, a high level official within the Obama administration who was aware of it and condoned it.

The FBI announced it won’t release the Uranium One documents, which Trump ordered unredacted. $145 million dollars was provided to the Clinton Foundation by Russia in payment for 25% of the US uranium supply. It was a money laundering operation, a pay to play scheme and totally illegal.

Clinton Foundation Corruption

The Uranium One deal is completely tied to the Clinton Foundation. In the documentation, it acknowledges the fact that the Clinton Foundation is a CIA covert run operation that has been operating for years and that it was used to run weapons. That’s why Hillary had the private server in her house, to hide the information, except from China, which was a direct connection. Tens of thousands of Hillary’s emails went directly to China and in the process 18 CIA operatives in China were assassinated based on that information.

Benghazi is tied to this. Benghazi was a weapons running operation for the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State, funneling arms to Al Qaeda to take out Gaddafi. Once they took him down and ruined that government, they reversed the flow and were funneling arms into Turkey then into Syria to weaponize ISIS. This is why they took out General Flynn. This is why Benghazi occurred, why the four Americans died and why no help was sent. That’s why the Obama administration did not send anyone to help: it was about tying up lose ends.

The deep state is panicked and we’re about to enter a rule of law reset. One of the top people to go down in military tribunals will be John Brennan.

Huber will prosecute people through the criminal courts. In addition, in the hearing of Brett Kavanaugh, as seen in the questioning put forth by Lindsey Graham, they are now prepared for military tribunals.

Please watch the short video and pray for wisdom and discernment as we navigate this amazing and dangerous time.





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