Jarrett & Hannity: This was a soft coup!

Gregg Jarrett: [Rosenstein was] trying to secretly record the president of the United States and depose him in the equivalent of a palace coup.

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10/10/18 – The fallout from the Baker testimony and the Rosenstein revelations continues. This discussion on Hannity is critical to understanding what is happening right now.

The following is just an excerpt from the show.

Sebastian Gorka: The Left has a plan to destroy all the institutions we love… media… education… They’ve been doing it for forty years. Look at the colleges. I’ll give you a metric. The Victims of Communism Foundation did a poll. 42% of millennials wish that America were a socialist country. 25% can’t tell you why Auschwitz is important. It’s shocking.

Dan Bongino: I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that the Kavanaugh victory may have changed everything for the Republicans. Let me just give you a quick example. Trump and the Kavanaugh victory finally broke the iron triangle… the media, activist groups, and swamp rats. The media, in conjunction with the activist groups, would lob a grenade on the battlefield, a political grenade. In this case, calling the guy a rapist. Trump refused to back down, Kavanaugh refused to back down, they coalesced with McConnell, and shockingly, we won! There’s a new sheriff in town!

Sebastian Gorka: The political landscape has changed. Remember that press conference on Friday with the leading Republican senators. I have never seen senior senators that angry in my lifetime, not in America. The GOP has woken up. Now the question is, can they connect those races to the President? This is a vote about the president in the last two years. Every single vote counts. Look at what changed in 2016! Don’t be complacent.

Re: the Deep State and James Baker’s testimony:

Catherine Herridge: Baker said Rosenstein was working with two people in the Trump administration, after President Trump fired James Comey, to invoke the 25th amendment.

Re: Rosenstein recording the President.

Sara A Carter: Somebody is lying here. James Baker is former General Counsel for the FBI. He delivered this testimony. There are two other people within the administration apparently  who were on board with Rosenstein and trying to invoke the 25th amendment. Who is investigating the investigators? Who’s in charge of Rosenstein? He signed the FISA, wrote the letter to give the president so Comey would be fired. Somebody needs to investigate.


Sean Hannity: This sounds like soft coup, revenge taken out on a president. You have two people who recorded the same thing, McCabe and Page.

John Solomon: The FBI is embarrassed by this. Baker revealed four things. He used the Democratic Party’s lawyer as a source.  The FBI tried to hide that. He used a journalist, David Corn, as a source. He was present for a conversation where at least the FBI people were serious about removing the president under the 25th amendment.

Sean Hannity: Every piece of this goes back to Hillary and the phony, Russian paid for dossier using a media leak strategy.

Gregg Jarrett: How is it possible that Rod Rosenstein is still in charge of the investigation? Trump may have given him a pass for now but Americans should not and neither should Jeff Sessions. Rosenstein is hopelessly compromised. He not only has disqualifying conflicts of interest, because he’s a key, pivotal witness in the case over which he presides. You can’t be the judge and the jury and a witness and a prosecutor all rolled in one. It’s a violation of federal regulations that demands his removal and recusal. On top of it, now there’s this new evidence and three witnesses, that in an act of vengeance for the firing of Comey, he’s trying to secretly record the president of the United States and depose him in the equivalent of a palace coup. This is egregious misconduct. It requires his termination. At the very least, his removal from the special counsel case. He is suppressing wrong doing by the FBI and the department of Justice and suppressing his own wrongdoing in signing off on the FISA warrant.

Sean Hannity: Sarah, do you agree? I believe this was an attempt to literally set a president up for a soft coup.

Sara A. Carter: 100%, Sean. There is overwhelming evidence not just circumstantial anymore. We’ve seen it in writing. We’ve seen it with testimony that’s been provided to congress. This was a white coup, a silent coup, a bloodless coup. I think what was so concerning to me was how dangerous this has been to America, how dangerous it still is to the administration, and it needs to be investigated.

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