Kavanaugh: Nothing-left-to-lose opening statement

Aggressively refutes both the allegations made by Ford and method of Democrats on the committee.

9/27/18 -Judge Kavanaugh gave an intense and emotional opening statement at the hearing before the committee. He seemed to have nothing left to lose and decided to go out swinging. He stated that they may vote him out, but that he will not quit. Watch the complete opening statement above.

Breitbart writes:

Judge Brett Kavanaugh accused Democrats and the left at Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing of having created a dangerous precedent for the country in trying to defeat his nomination with last-minute, decades-old, uncorroborated sexual misconduct allegations.

“This confirmation process has become a national disgrace,” Kavanaugh said close to the beginning of his opening statement, where he gave a scathing assessment of how Democrats came to unveil the allegations against him. He quoted Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) saying those who support Kavanaugh are “complicit in evil” and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz asserting that confirming Kavanaugh would endanger millions of lives.

Kavanaugh told the committee:

“I understand the passions of the moment. But I would say to those senators, ‘Your words have meaning.’ Millions of Americans listened carefully to you. Given comments like those, is it any surprise that people have been willing to do anything, to make any physical threat against my family, to send any violent email to my wife? To make any kind of allegation against me and against my friends? To blow me up and take me down?”

Kavanaugh hinted that he believed the Democratic strategy to defeat his nomination will have lasting effects on the political system. “You sowed the wind. For decades to come, I fear the whole country will reap the whirlwind,” he said.

He referenced the widely-criticized treatment Democratic senators subjected to Ronald Reagan’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Robert Bork. “The behavior of several of the Democratic members of this committee at my hearing a few weeks ago was an embarrassment, but at least it was just a good old-fashioned attempt at borking,” he said, continuing:

“Those efforts didn’t work. When I did at least okay enough at the hearings that it looked as though I might actually get confirmed, a new tactic was needed. Some of you were lying in wait and had it ready. This first allegation was held in secret for weeks by a Democratic member of this committee and by staff. It would be needed only if you couldn’t take me out on the merits.”

Kavanaugh’s opening statement set off a combative hearing, with Kavanaugh aggressively refuting both the allegations made against him with committee witness Christine Blasey Ford and those of other accusers not present.

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Fox writes:

A visibly angry and emotional Brett Kavanaugh denied under oath that he sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford, telling senators Thursday his name has been “totally and permanently destroyed” by these “false” allegations – after his accuser testified she’s “one-hundred percent” sure he tried to force himself on her 36 years ago.

The drastically conflicting statements, delivered to the Senate Judiciary Committee in dramatic testimony that carried echoes of the 1991 Anita Hill hearings, left senators to make a judgment call on whose story is accurate. Kavanaugh’s confirmation process was thrown into chaos by the 11th-hour charges, and it remains unclear whether the hearing will sway enough senators to secure confirmation.

Kavanaugh let loose in his hearing appearance, abandoning much of his prepared remarks to blast the process as a “disgrace” and a “circus,” and later sparring with Democratic senators. The hearing ended Thursday evening after eight hours worth of testimony from Ford and Kavanaugh.

“This confirmation process has become a national disgrace,” Kavanaugh told the committee. “The Constitution gives the Senate an important role in the confirmation process. But you have replaced advise and consent with search and destroy.”

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), former lawyer, prosecutor and judge, had a response that was one of outrage.

“She’s as much as a victim as you are!” he said to the packed room. “It’s been my understanding, that if you drug women and rape them for two years in high school, you probably don’t stop.”

“To my Republican colleagues, if you vote no, you’re legitimizing the most despicable thing that I’ve seen in my time in politics. I hope that the American people will see through this charade.”




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