New accuser: classmates deny incident

“We would have seen or heard about it—and we did not.”

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9/24/18 – (New Yorker) In a statement, two of those male classmates who [Deborah] Ramirez alleged were involved in the incident, the wife of a third male student she said was involved, and three other classmates, Dino Ewing, Louisa Garry, and Dan Murphy, disputed Ramirez’s account of events: “We were the people closest to Brett Kavanaugh during his first year at Yale. He was a roommate to some of us, and we spent a great deal of time with him, including in the dorm where this incident allegedly took place. Some of us were also friends with Debbie Ramirez during and after her time at Yale. We can say with confidence that if the incident Debbie alleges ever occurred, we would have seen or heard about it—and we did not. The behavior she describes would be completely out of character for Brett. In addition, some of us knew Debbie long after Yale, and she never described this incident until Brett’s Supreme Court nomination was pending. Editors from the New Yorker contacted some of us because we are the people who would know the truth, and we told them that we never saw or heard about this.”


This is clearly a planned attack on Kavanaugh. Sources say the DNC is searching for anyone who can make accusations. Now, we’re left to wonder what is true and what is not.

No one can say they believe anything until we hear the evidence and then make an informed opinion. Everyone in this country is innocent until proven guilty.

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The aspect of this circus that bothers me the most are the rabid mobs of people who have completely lost their minds saying the accuser must be believed and the accused has to be guilty.

This is so very disturbing.

Don’t these mind-controlled people have enough function left to realize that they themselves could be the one being accused of a crime?

This is why American law is so important: You are innocent until proven guilty, and all who are accused have the right to meet their accusers in a court of law where the evidence will be laid out by the plaintiff and then the defendant gets to answer the charges. No matter who is charged, no matter the position, money or power of the individual, this is how our legal system is supposed to work.

What is going on right now with so many people publicly declaring that Kavanaugh is guilty without hearing any evidence at all is a picture of a modern day wild west hanging! Can’t you see how wrong that is?

Clearly, the far left is trying to prevent a supreme court nominee being set in before the midterm elections. That much is obvious.

But, whether or not someone is guilty of such a serious crime can only be determined by a careful legal process.

If someone was falsely accusing you of murder, how would you like it if mobs of people took to the internet to volunteer themselves in a commercial and ad campaign that you were guilty?

Please keep perspective here. There are many people hurt by false charges every year.

Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated!

If these allegations are false, I pray that all of the dark plans to smear judge Kavanaugh be blown apart and exposed for what they are. If judge Kavanaugh committed these crimes, then I pray through due process of law that the truth will be revealed as it should.

Please continue praying for our country. The rest of this year will be a rough ride.




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