Ford wants Thursday hearing to stop Kavanaugh: here’s how

Christine Blasey Ford wants to move Monday’s scheduled hearing to Thursday instead, among other demands.

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9/21/18 – (Breitbart) There is only one possible reason that Dr. Ford and her attorneys could want a Thursday hearing — not Wednesday, as the GOP has now counter-offered, or Monday as originally scheduled: a Thursday hearing could preclude Kavanaugh from joining the Court for its new session on Oct. 1. (Dr. Ford has until Friday to respond to the counter-offer.)

Here is why. The earliest that the Senate Judiciary Committee could vote for Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to be considered by the full Senate would be Wednesday afternoon, if the hearing takes place. That would likely mean the earliest that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) could introduce a motion to confirm Kavanaugh would be Thursday morning. The Senate would then have 24 hours before a cloture motion Friday morning. Then there would be 30 hours of debate, meaning that the earliest that the Senate could vote to confirm Kavanaugh would be Saturday afternoon or evening — September 29.

But if the hearing were Thursday, the earliest the full Senate could vote would be Sunday evening, Sep. 30, with just hours to spare.

That would create the very risk that a vote might not be held before Oct. 1, if procedural roadblocks arose (and they would). And some wavering Republicans might be uncomfortable voting to confirm a Supreme Court justice in the dead of night…

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A Fox News interview with former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino, provides excellent information pertinent to this case.

You cannot make claims, refuse to bring the information forward, and use the accusation as a political stalling tactic. It has become clear now that this is a stalling tactic.

The FBI cannot assist in this type of investigation.

These kinds of crimes are investigated by local police.

Bongino: “These are serious charges… There’s only three scenarios: It happened and it wasn’t Kavanaugh, it happened and it was Kavanaugh, or it didn’t happen at all… A man is entitled to defend himself.”

How long would it take to investigate this? Just a couple of days, he says, because there is so little evidence.

He also pointed out that two cherished tenants of a democratic republic are that every person is innocent until proven guilty, and that every person has the right to face his/her accusers.

No matter how difficult it may be, as awful as sexual assault is, the law protects all of us. Women don’t get a right to make baseless accusation against men, just as men don’t have some innate right to make baseless accusations against women. Ever heard of character assassination? Defamation of character?



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