Bombshell! Intel community cataloged evidence on election tampering by O admin!

Jaw-dropping interview with high level intel; release forthcoming

9/4/18 – This is a must-see interview that is summarized and clarified by respected investigator Tracy Beanz in this report.

  • These officials were working behind the scenes in 2016 BEFORE the election to make sure the election was not rigged.
  • In Norfolk, VA with 120 intel pros from CIA, FBI, NSC, NSA.
  • Discovered three bad actors had infiltrated the Trump campaign from UK’s GCHQ and MI6, and from Russia, possibly Dereposka.
  • Nov 1st Stefan Halper’s name was given to a high ranking member of the Trump team.
  • Did not know at the time that our own US government had been paying him through office of net assessment.
  • One individual with the initials C.S. on the Trump IT team was a mole; there were “transmissions coming out of Trump tower from this persons devices,” connected to the thousands of emails that were leaked to Mueller, who obtained them through illegal means.
  • Affected those in the field as well as those in the Trump campaign.
  • The Trump team “was doing absolutely nothing wrong.”
  • “These people were able to get through Trump security because our US government was helping them, they were even referring them. And the fact that some of these people were referred through the RNC and through the US government…and instead of alerting the president, which would have been the normal protocol, what they did instead was, they were actually behind it, sending spies into the Trump campaign, which is unheard of.”
  • “Private contractors were given access to the NSA’s computer.” Fusion GPS??
  • Intel agencies support the president. Only a small number do not.
  • Documents will be released for public view on a dedicated website repository including the reports to the president. Planned release is today, Friday, 9/7/18.
  • “There is a lot of information that our groups have given to congress…It’s going to be clear that they are going to have to take action.”

This is a profoundly important interview. Please watch this video above and share this post.




Tracy Beanz report on the interview as seen above:

Full Interview: