Bat-Signal Alert: Alex Jones ban; important must-see interviews

“I’m just the test case,” Alex Jones

Alex Jones ban_Ezra Levant

8/8/18 – In a hard-hitting interview with Dr. Michael Savage of Savage Nation, Alex Jones describes the Orwellian, line-in-the-sand attack against his network and free speech just before critical elections.

Jones’ nearly twenty-year-old InfoWars news network, that has multiple news anchors and reporters has, “10 million subscribers on I-Tunes alone, and 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube,” Jones said in the interview.

In comparison, CNN is unable to hit 900,000 viewers in any of its prime time time slots.

While no one in the media want to talk about it, CNN’s relentless fake news sprees have not only created a massive credibility problem  for the hate network, the far-left cable channel’s ratings crisis is even more severe.

CNN lies.

In June, Facebook announced it “will launch a set of “fully funded” news shows on their platform, including a twice-weekly show from far-left news outlet Mic, and a “nightly show hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper,” in an effort to crackdown on “fake news.”

Seeing a pattern here? Remove all news contrary to your agenda and create new “news” programs that push your agenda. But, let’s call it what it really is: propaganda.


: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person
: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect

The unparalleled and clearly orchestrated attack against Jones and Infowars, brought by a long list of tech companies over barely a 12 hour period and without warning, removed all InfoWars presence on the following:

Google Podcast
Sprout Social

The unprecedented move to disappear Alex Jones’ media presence has highly suspicious timing with just three months to the mid-term elections and democrats desperate to derail the Trump administration’s progress made toward peace, recovering freedom, and independence.

The media entrepreneur released a written statement about the shocking purge.

For more than a year, we have witnessed the mainstream news media and Democratic groups tell us that the manipulation of social media could turn an election.

By their own admission, social media would be the most viable option to alter the course of the nation, influence millions of people, and shut down free speech and personal expression that questions the status quo.

We have been told that one of the greatest threats to our democracy is the manipulation of the information that we receive on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Now, these same groups that have been telling us that free speech must be defended against those who seek to control it on our news feeds, have launched a full-scale war on the free speech and information that they disagree with.

The flare went up and independent thinkers and media are rallying to the cause recognizing the extreme danger this ban represents.

The Rebel Media founder, Ezra Levant, delivered a sobering message to the president:

“If Trump doesn’t bust up these [big tech] monopolies, they’ll bust him up.”

In an interview with InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson, they lay out an outstanding summary of this paramount event and the staggering implications.

Watch the important Ezra Levant interview here.

“It’s like the phone company calling you up one day and saying, ‘Hey, Paul, we’ve been listening to your phone calls on our cell phone company and we don’t like what you’re saying. We’re going to ban you from using the phone, and all the other phone companies are banning you from using the phone, and we’re deleting your phone number, and if you don’t like it, just invent your own phone company.'”

Laura Ingram reported on the ban on Fox News, defending InfoWars and highlighting the hypocrosy of the major tech companies and the danger of censorship.

“This isn’t about Alex Jones. It’s about freedom and our access to information from the sources we as individuals trust and like.”

Please watch these important interviews and share this post. This is a very serious attack against freedom, not just of speech…but of elections.

If you haven’t seen it, please watch the movie, 1984, based on the book by George Orwell. You can view it below.

We better rally the patriots from every corner of this country to email, write letters, send petitions and call the White House to demand president Trump break up these massive tech companies that are attempting to control public thought and manipulate the coming elections.

We better wake up! This is NOT a small attack! You could be next. The noose is tightening.

Please pray against this dark move on our most basic freedoms, and pray for our president who is under threat every day. And, pray for Alex Jones; he is a flawed yet big-hearted patriot who has taken a lot of hits for the rest of us. He has been defeating the law suits against him one by one, many have been thrown out. But the cost to his budget and to his family due to this “lawfare” are difficult to imagine. Now is a time we must come together and fight against this tyranny. United we stand, divided we fall.