US media blackout on Venezuela’s socialism crisis continues as country crumbles

Worsening crisis causes “52%” of the country’s population to flee

7/11/18 – According to an on-the-ground source interviewed by L.A. Marzulli, the crisis in the once flourishing country is even worse than just a couple of months ago. Pastor Carlos, a pseudonym, reports that there now is some food available but that no one can afford to buy what little there is. The wages for a months work are $2, which is the same as the price for a single can of tuna.

“52% of the people of Venezuela have left.”

The source said that in 1980-1995 people were moving to Venezuela to retire in the prosperous and beautiful country. But now, after 20+ years of socialism beginning with elected president, Cesar Chavez, 52% of the people of Venezuela have left, which is causing stress on surrounding countries.

Here in the US, there continues to be a virtual media blackout on the country’s horrible fall from prosperity due to socialism, a convenient coincidence with the sudden and fierce push for socialism here with self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders and the new progressive candidate, 28-year-old Alexandria Cortasio Cortez, who just won a NY primary against incumbent, Rep. Joe Crowley.

Cortez, who was an organizer for Sanders’ campaign, is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and appeals to younger crowd fully ignorant of what socialism actually is and the destruction it wreaks on any country lured into its web.

So in the USA socialism is being pushed hard, and all former MsM (mainstream media) outlets are more and more blatantly used as propaganda tools toward that goal, while the examples of the results of socialism are unfolding in real time and lost in a full media blackout. They can’t cover that story; it would interfere with the globalist goal of a socialism takeover of the US.

The American public had better wake up and realize that “progressive” means “socialist” and realize just how dangerous our situation is.

Please pray for the people of Venezuela. Please pray against this darkness kicking and screaming to take over the republic of the U.S.A. Please pray against ignorance: it is a very dangerous thing.