Marines sing: There’s no G_d like Jehovah!

Joyfully singing, Days of Elijah, US Marines declare, “There’s no G_d like Jehovah!”

7/10/18 – This clip is a few years old, but it is a moving and inspiring reminder to be proud of our armed forces commitment and service. They go where they’re sent, no matter what deep state games are running in the background.

Use this, as I have, to pray over our troops and for victory over evil in the US. Once we get oxygen here and steady the ship (sorry to the Marines out there for the mixed metaphor of the Navy) we will be able to assist others around the world when appropriate. Please pray for our troops, president Trump, and for the defeat of the evil that had nearly strangled the life out of the US before we woke up.

And, as Carole Smith commented on YouTube, “Is there anything more beautiful than strong men unafraid to proclaim their love of G_d?”

I have to say it is, indeed, a beautiful AND a powerful thing. Thank you to all US Armed Forces who are devoted to Yeshua and unafraid to proclaim it!



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