IG Report Confirms: Comey knew! Clinton-linked sex crimes against children on Weiner laptop

“Now, today, sex crimes with minors is mentioned several times in the 500-page IG report.” -True Pundit

IG Report_sex crimes against children

6/14/18 – UPDATED: PLEASE SHARE! Bombshell! Today’s released IG Report confirms Comey was briefed on the Clinton-linked sex crimes against children found on the Weiner laptop.

As investigators rush to read the entire 500 page report, portions are beginning to come out.

True Pundit reporting: “Now, today, sex crimes with minors is mentioned several times in the 500-page IG report.”

Read the full article by True Pundit here.

Highly regarded investigator, Doug Hagmann, briefly discussed the revelation in today’s broadcast with fellow investigator, Tracy Beanz.

Hagmann: “The report does confirm Comey was briefed on Clinton-linked sex crimes against children evidence on the Weiner laptop.”

You can listen to this discussion on the video below by scrolling to 1:49:48 – 1:57:49.

Hagmann reported on the Weiner computer files in November, 2016, that was documented by ShofarBlast in this article:

Read my article: Investigator: Weiner computer files connect Clinton gang to espionage, Epstein and Lolita Express!

Here’s an excerpt from that 2016 article:

“There’s much more to this than is being told to the media right now. There’s the classified top secret files on Weiner’s computer [that] is the least of the issues.” The other part is treason. There were other downloads of top secret files to a third party who is not named in this interview, which was one of the reasons the confiscation of the router was of note. The third aspect is the pedophile component that links to Lolita Express, Jefferey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Huma Abedin. “These files do exist,” said Hagmann, and suggest an overlap. Hillary took trips on the Lolita Express with Bill and independent of Bill with Huma.

View the entire IG Report here.

You can find one of the portions discussed by Hagmann and Beanz here:

Page 294, top of the page

Under the heading:  “(3) Hillary Clinton &Foundation; Crime against children”


We CANNOT let this get swept under the rug. We must hold all of the people in government, whether local or federal, responsible for their unfaithfulness to the public, misdeeds and crimes.

We can’t allow ourselves to get tired now! This toxic abomination-infection must be exposed and removed. We’re just beginning to gain some ground: now is the time to increase the advance while they’re surprised at our victories, scattering from the light of the righteous anger rising up against their nefarious strategies bankrolled by the likes of subversive Sorros and the Clintons. All the while, clueless Bill Clinton does book tours, has the nerve to say in a PBS interview, “I think the norms have really changed in terms of, what you can do to somebody against their will,” after he bit the upper lip off of his rape victims. We all should be outraged!

Bill Clinton should not have a moments peace if he dares to show his face in public!

Hillary and Bill have used and abused the black community for decades while pandering to it as they used racial slurs and demeaning comments when the cameras weren’t on. This behavior has been consistent and has been documented. Weavers of Deception!

Don’t forget what’s happened since the beginning of the election cycle in 2016. We are having elections across the US now and we must hold all of the politicians accountable who refused to work with president Trump on major election issues such as removing Obama Care. That was demanded by a very large majority of voters in the US in 2016 and when President Trump tried to follow through on his promise, suddenly Congress and the House weren’t very cooperative. They sure feigned support as they were working in elections in 2016 when they thought it would benefit them!  We’re tired of them pandering to the public while behind the scenes, in the dark rooms underground, they just take us further and further down a road called Tyranny and toward the inescapable compound of One World Government.

Here’s Tracy’s latest Tweet:

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Is it a coincidence that Tommy Robinson was just tossed in the clinker where they knew full well he would be in danger, just for recording a news report on a public street? And the subject of that report was child sex trafficking?

Read: Tommy Robinson: Moved to high security prison with 73% Muslim population

Free speech is now gone in the UK! Is there any connection with that network of child procurement in the UK to the rings in the US and Epstein’s plane/island which is already connected directly to the Clinton cabal? There is good reason to suspect that could be so. It seems these rings are always connected in some way.

Article: Podesta & Co linked to Clintons participating in Satanic rituals


Come on freedom lovers, everyone around the world, we CAN do this! UK is fighting for Brexit! Italy is finally standing up and saying NO! Netherlands is saying, NO! Austria is saying NO! Poland is saying, NO!

Don’t give up!










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