George Soros funding smartphone app to help illegal immigrants avoid law enforcement

App meant to explicitly help illegals evade federal authority created by group founded with taxpayer dollars

George Soros

5/5/18 – (Brietbart) A Sorros-funded app, Notifica, was created by United We  Dream, a group “reportedly founded by an organization that receives taxpayer funding,” Breitbart reports. Judicial Watch Director of Research Chris Farrell questions why such an app is allowed to exist and why the Justice Department has not been more proactive about the potential abuse. “Here’s a prime example of somebody abusing the system and taking taxpayer dollars.”

Brietbart first reported on this in March of 2017.

With the caravan at our southern borders, reports of some illegals crossing into the USA, some officials in CA alerting illegals to raids by law enforcement, and ever increasing national debt, many are asking again why this app is allowed to exist and why illegals with such brazen actions are making it into the country.

With increasing regularity, reports of  George Soros’ and his groups funding of riots, divisive groups, and outright domestic terrorism make their way into news feeds. Vetted reports of the success of his subversive work in multiple countries to bring about their demise is more accessible than ever. His work is also more brazen having moved from the shadows to operating in full view. His talons are now reaching for the throat of the USA to bring and end to the patriotic spirit that has held us steadfast against the work of the globalists and the ultimate goal of the NWO’s one world government.

Share this article and please read the important articles listed below. And call your government officials to demand they put a stop to this Notifica app and the groups that defy federal law on immigration.




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