Federal judge accuses Mueller’s team of ‘lying,’ trying to target Trump

“I don’t see how this indictment has anything to do with anything the special prosecutor is authorized to investigate.” – Federal Judge

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5/4/18 – BREAKNG: Zero Hedge reports Eastern District of Virginia Judge T.S. Ellis, a Reagan appointee, said today Mueller shouldn’t have “unfettered power” to prosecute over charges that have nothing to do with collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

Ellis further slammed prosecutors saying it appeared they were using the indictment of Manafort to pressure him to cooperate against Trump.

“You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud,” Ellis said. “You really care about what information he might give you about Mr. Trump and what might lead to his impeachment or prosecution.”

Fox News wrote it this way:

A federal judge on Friday harshly rebuked Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team during a hearing for ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort – suggesting they lied about the scope of the investigation, are seeking unfettered power and are more interested in bringing down the president.

Ellis also demanded to see the unredacted “scope memo,” a document outlining the scope of the special counsel’s Russia probe that congressional Republicans have also sought.

The Reagan appointed judge asked Mueller’s team where they got the authority to indict Manafort on alleged crimes dating as far back as 2005.

Mueller’s team, of course, said their authority is in the document that they won’t show anyone. To which the judge seemed “amused” according to Fox News, and spoke his interpretation of what the prosecuting team had said, “We said this was what the investigation was about, but we are not bound by it and we were lying.”

By all appearances, Judge Ellis is not having it. Dear L_rd, may we be hopeful that a judge will actually do the right thing here?

Is this just for show? Will he change his mind after a hushed and unscheduled back room meeting where he and his family are threatened? Will he have a sudden, bizarre work out accident with a barbell ending up across his throat before he can deliver a verdict? (See the report of the death of John Ashe, who died days before testifying against Clinton corruption, by Zero Hedge here.)

We only have to remember the ridiculous display Comey gave us with a press announcement about all of Hillary’s law breaking only to end the presentation with the statement that they would not prosecute. But within the remarks was the threat to the public, that if we were to do the same things we would certainly be prosecuted. So, is this judge making an arranged statement solely for public consumption only to be later recanted and changed so that the busy public (many of whom are only recently back to work due to historic lows in the jobless rate), are too busy and too relieved to finally have income coming in to bother to do their homework keeping an eye on this continued coup? The psychological warfare is so intense. People hear a headline on some station but don’t take the time or have the time to research to see if it’s true, so they fall for the lie, “there’s nothing here, move along.”

It’s not over when they write you a check or even when you receive the check; it’s only over when the check has been deposited and the funds both transferred and received: transaction complete.

Since the election of president Trump, we’ve had many instances that inspired hope that some of these people who have committed serious crimes and/or engaged in dangerous abuse of power would actually be prosecuted. So far, these slimy, slitherers have avoided paying the piper.

I ask all of my readers around the world to pray for the USA as we attempt to navigate this coup that is underway and operating on all levels. What happens here will affect the entire planet and the seriousness of the situation cannot be overstated. Pray for protection of all of the good people in our government and armed forces. Pray that all who are corrupt and working against good will be brought low and receive the proper penalties for their deeds.

Is judge Ellis a glimmer of hope? Only time will tell. In the meantime, pray!







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