Soviet Style Propaganda…IN THE US!!!

The US population is beginning to recognize a major problem with the old school media; here’s why

4/4/18 – Please watch this one-minute video and then share this. We all must wake up and stay alert. We are in a very dangerous time. There is clearly a controlling power above elected officials dictating scripts and engaging in social engineering. They are working hard to control what we think and our attitudes toward certain people or systems. They are aggressively targeting believers in Yeshua Jesus, Christians, traditional families, and vulnerable children in their school systems.

Please commit to praying daily for the US and for the world, as we are in the crosshairs of the NWO. Pray for all of us to have wisdom. Ask for Yeshua Jesus to reveal any hiding place of the forces of darkness in our lives. Walk in holiness, stay in the shadow of His wings. The time is short! Yeshua is coming soon! Look up!

Thanks to “D” for this video.



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