Sign the Petition! Declare Soros a sponsor of Domestic Terrorism!

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George Soros_Berkley Scandal8/24/17 – Please share this! Here is something we can all do and it would be a great victory for the country. A petition has been started on to officially declare the NWO’s own Dr. Evil, George Soros and his Open Society Foundation sponsors of domestic terrorism. The petition description says:

Terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims”. AntiFa is one organization of several, that have been compensated by George Soros and/or The Open Society Foundation for the purpose of oppressing Americans’ First Amendment Rights. This oppression take place in the form of political violence and intimidation and is directed toward law-abiding, permit-holding gatherers, law enforcement officers, and political rally attendees throughout the United States. George Soros and the Open Society Foundation have been supplying organizations such as AntiFa with resources in order to create social unrest, economic instability, and terror against the United States and it’s citizenry.

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George Soros Petition 8 24 17

I would love to see Soros (the globalist Nazi sympathizer who says he is a god) in jail, under all laws that apply, for using his billions to: stir up subversion; foment violence, terror, and economic instability; cause death or injury to the public; lie to the public; and to instigate racial unrest. Wouldn’t you??

What a great statement that would be, to say that we all stand together, to say we are not falling for his despicable use of racial hatred to divide and conquer! If we could shut down his pipeline of moola from flowing to people who are perfectly willing to pit racial groups against each other under a flag of lies, it would be a blow to the heart of his evil empire.

No, thank you, Dr.Evil, we prefer to live together in peace without all of your meddling and to face our national challenges together, in love and with open dialogue.

Whether or not we are able to put him in jail, coming together with one strong voice is just the kind of action that can change the energy of a nation and reunify a people toward a common goal after being momentarily distracted by his propaganda via MsM. Losing our voice when we share so many views is a great help to Soros and his minions! That is a goal of the divide and conquer tactic: SILENCE! Use your voice! You will find you are not alone! There are many more of us who stand against this violence and division than there are those who want to shatter the country!

Please sign the petition and please share this post. We have a few rights in this country, at least for now, and we must use them! This is something everyone can do.


Please keep praying. I’m praying for you!




Info on Soros:

Information about Soros and his deeds:

Soros has worked to take down several countries; manipulated elections in all EU member states; gave direct orders, orders that were followed, to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; recently busted with arrangement wherein McMaster informed him on White House business; a mountain of evidence reveals much more.

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