CIA Whistleblower Exposes Shadow Gvmnt, crimes in NEW presentation

Kevin Shipp exposes horrific and on-going government crimes, manipulation, tyranny

8/23/17 – In this presentation by decorated, former CIA agent Kevin Shipp, the crimes of the current US government and global power structure are revealed to a packed audience at a recent public awareness event.

Did you know that the Deep State and the Shadow Government are not the same thing? Mr. Shipp explains the differences between the Deep State and the Shadow Government and exposes a variety of government officials involved in their stomach-churning crimes.

He moves fast and covers a lot of territory in this 1 hour, information-packed lecture with PowerPoint graphics, which helps in the explanation of the connections of these hidden agencies. president and founder, Dane Wigington, said of the presentation, “Mr. Shipp presented a shocking and compelling presentation on numerous, horrific and ongoing government crimes. The total persecution of anyone who dares to tell the truth about rampant government tyranny is also fully exposed. The paradigm we have all known has been built on deception and the dark agendas of the global power structure. The courage Kevin Shipp has shown by doing his best to expose government criminality and tyranny serves as a stellar example to us all.” (emphasis added) is an outstanding and vital resource for data and ongoing research on weather warfare programs and chemtrails. Please visit that site to learn more about the chemical warfare on the global population through various means.

Please watch this, pray for Kevin Shipp, and share this post with others. If the people come together with G_d on their side, the Deep State and Shadow Government cannot prevail. It’s not too late! It’s not over until it’s over.




New: CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

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