“You don’t want to see the world as it is,” says ex-Illuminati banker

Global monetary structure detailed in Part 2 of Ronald Bernard interview

6/18/17 – Ronald Bernard, a former Illuminati banker, stunned the web in Part 1 of his interview with his revelation that the global elite he had worked for was a powerful club of Luciferians that runs the world, is connected to child sex trafficking, and at one point insisted he participate in child sacrifice rituals if he wanted to keep his job.

And, that’s what broke him, turning him into a whistle-blower: the children.

Bernard says he’s been ridiculed since the release of Part 1 of his interview that was viewed over 18 million times.

In Part 2, he reveals the detailed structure of the global monetary system that is designed to keep people and countries in debt while stealing percentages of all of that global debt for their own gain.

He explains that, sitting at the top of the Illuminati pyramid and run by only 8,500 people, the BIS (Bank for International Settlements, created in 1930 and located in the Netherlands) is completely untouchable with unquestioned inviolability, enjoys complete immunity, owns absolute monetary power, and sits above all laws worldwide. It won’t be controlled by anyone and, like the Vatican, is a free state with its own police force.

“All misery on earth is a business model,” Bernard said.

Please watch this sobering revelation and share this article to help wake up our global family.

Watch for Part 3 to be released soon.

View Part 1 of the Ronald Bernard interview.




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