Wheat production down 25%-35%; expect food price hikes

Bizarre weather is taking a toll on wheat, corn, and soy.

stressed wheat

6/15/17 – Last week, the USDA released new numbers for losses after an out of season blizzard and unseasonable cold rolled across the main wheat growing region of the USA. To add more crop stress, today another hail storm hit Kansas accompanied by high winds. A storm that produced baseball-sized hail just hit near Protection, Kansas, April 15th.

The revised numbers are at least a 25% loss of the winter and red wheat crops. Look for increased prices from this point forward indefinitely as the grand solar minimum intensifies. CJ reports the significant drop is due to several factors including disease and unseasonable weather that has hit farmers hard this year. But another contributing factor is that farmers planted less wheat according to Dan O’Brien, an agriculture economist at Kansas State University. The anticipated wheat crop will be down 25%-35% from 2016 harvests.

Though Kansas is the largest wheat-producing state, growing nearly one-fifth of the nation’s wheat, harvests will be down across the board from 2016 numbers, involving eight additional states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Weather stressors may also affect corn and soybeans.

This means that, at a time when US families are already struggling to make ends meet, food prices are likely to rise for the foreseeable future.








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