Rice: False statements, espionage, violation of the FISA Act, says Judge Pirro

Rice needs criminal defense attorney, is in serious trouble – Jay Sekulow

4/6/17 – The lies keep on coming.

Judge Pirro wants to know: 1) Who put her up to it, 2) why did she do it, 3) did Obama know about it, 4) who did she share it with. Pirro also wants to get Rice statements under oath.

Sekulow: Rice is “liar in chief” because she contradicted herself from just two weeks ago. “What she said to Andrea Mitchell was not a denial of the ummasking. So then you look at the what laws are being implicated here. There are multiple felony counts… But for Susan Rice unmasking this, she did it. If she was working with others…that’s a conspiracy under the espionage act…She needs to hire a really good criminal defense lawyer because I think she’s in serious trouble here.”

Hannity: “She admits the unmasking of General Flynn took place but she says it wasn’t political!”





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