What’s up with the CIA? Former CIA Officer explains

Creator of Marine Corp Intelligence Command who discovered 7 CIAs explains what’s happening on the inside

2/20/17 – “CIA…is a cancer within the US government. This is how the elite use one-thousand bases all over the world to smuggle gold, cash, drugs, guns, and small children. John Brennan led a coup d’etat and should be impeached.”

Coup and counter-coup operations are happening within the intelligence communities and both Democrats and Republicans are involved. Mr. Steele has an urgent message for president Trump including throwing the press out of the White House and conducting regular fire side chats with the public via his own channel to circumvent the stranglehold corporate media maintains.

Former CIA clandestine services case officer Robert David Steele also provides in-depth information about what Donald Trump needs to do to survive his term and make the changes he desires – changes that will have a positive impact on America.

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