Obama sets up ‘shadow government’ to sabotage Trump, says NY Post

“Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency.” – New York Post


2/14/17 – What many of us already knew, but was scoffed at by others we tried to inform, is now in mainstream headlines. We are at the most dangerous time in all of U.S. history. There IS a shadow government, driven by the global elite who are the most evil, racist human beings you could imagine.

Read the New York Post article here: http://nypost.com/2017/02/11/how-obama-is-scheming-to-sabotage-trumps-presidency/

The Obamas, Bushes, and the Clintons are part of their middle management force. But sadly, people like the Obamas don’t seem to understand that their presence will not be tolerated when the global elite get the complete control they seek; they will be thrown under the bus like everyone else because, as I frequently say, the devil has no friends.

The sulfur-fragrant Lord of Darkness may act like your friend to get what he wants from you, namely helping him to get his crusty fingers on his sparkly goals like Gollum trying to get his fingers around the One Ring. But in the end, you will discover you were only a means to his end and your own lust for power and wealth determined your fate. The Obamas, and indeed anyone of color or not of the secret inbred bloodline, will be shackled for servitude or tossed overboard to feed the fish…if there are any oceans or fish left by the time they get the world to that point.


The global elite puppet masters are willing and completely ready to torch the entire planet as part of a scorched earth policy in their thirst for a corrupt Elysium utopia.

Paul Sperry of the New York Post quotes Obama, ‘“You’re going to see me early next year,” he [Obama] told his OFA [Organizing For Action] troops after the election, “and we’re going to be in a position where we can start cooking up all kinds of great stuff.”’ (emphasis added)


Seriously, does not that statement  have a very sinister ring to it? The choice of the term of “cooking up” is an interesting selection for Mr. O. Globalists choose their words very intentionally and that word is so closely associated right now with “spirit cooking” from the very recent WikiLeaks, that we are left to believe he used it on purpose. The Clintons, et al, are already ‘spirit cooking’ debauchery and darkness, and in light of the WikiLeaks revelations of  pedophilia that could suggest a connection to former President Obama via the requested $65k in “hot dogs” to be flown in from Chicago, using tax payer money of course, it takes on an even more disturbing tone. When he says they will “start cooking up all kinds of great stuff,” it sounds like an escalation of the subversion and violence. Since Hillary Clinton recently made a Tweet referring to the pedophilia scandal associated with the spirit cooking, and it was clearly done intentionally, it seems Mr. O also intentionally referred to the scandal. They seem to be boldly flaunting and taunting the issue.

They may flaunt their momentary freedom, feeling so superior and powerful at being temporarily untouchable. But sooner or later they will have to pay for their crimes, whether it is in this life or the next.

View the video report on the pedophile connection to the Clintons here:

We must pray for our country and our world right now more than ever. Revolution is sweeping the western world with British voters demanding a Brexit that the globalists are still trying to squash; the French seem to be following suit choosing freedom as Ms. May leads in polls and Soros puts up the funds to stop her while areas of Paris burn under immigrant riots; Italy has rejected the EU; Sweden and Germany are increasingly stirred up by the utter destruction and a 1000% increase in rape by migrants; Greece wants out; Iceland already left in 2015 and others are taking a stronger stance as populism sweeps through Europe.

But if you were to get all your information from the old mainstream media (i.e. CNN, BBC, ABC, NBC, and Fox News) that is now called fakestream media, you would think that the whole world is crying out for globalism, when, in fact, they are rejecting it very loudly. Nigel Farage points this out very well in this outstanding, two-minute speech below. He highlights the Chatham House survey  of all ten EU member states published in early February where, “only 20% of people want immigration from Muslim countries to continue.” Yet, the fakestream media continues to assault the minds of Western Europe and the U.S. with constant propaganda that the whole world wants this immigration and that it’s a good thing, while they continue to bury the horrific Muslim violence and destruction torching Europe, refusing to even use the words Islamic terror or Muslim riot using instead anti-police riots or protestors. Welcome to the crash course on Social Engineering.

Watch Nigel Farage’s speech on this subject delivered to the EU Parliament on Feb 14 in Strasbourg:
(this video is being prevented from showing up on the phone app. You can view it here or below.)

View the Chatham House Survey with graphs here.

What is happening in the U.S. is not a racial disturbance that bubbled to the surface: It is part of an intercontinental populist movement, a rejection of globalism’s stripping of individual freedom and liberty as it herds mankind, using propaganda, racial division, and social engineering, toward a prison of One World Government. The conflict is between those who know this and those who do not. -ShofarChic

In this time of increasing turmoil, pray very hard for the U.S. and for our new president. But also pray for our former president; he is a deceived puppet who has not merely fallen into bad company by accidental means, but is indeed ultimately controlled by the Lord of Darkness who, perched at the top of the satanic food chain, works through every available channel and vessel to cause suffering, torment, and death to all mankind.

The disciples asked Yeshua Jesus what to watch for in the End of Days. The first thing out of His mouth speaks volumes:

Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.” -Matthew 24:4














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