Intelligence community declares coup against corrupt Clintons!

“A second American revolution,” says Dr. Steve Pieczenik, high-level spy chief.

11/2/16 – “On November one, two-thousand-sixteen, Hillary and Bill Clinton and their entourage of assistants effected a civilian coup,” states Dr. Steve Pieczenik in the above video. “However, in order to stop this coup, we in the intelligence community and others involved have informally gotten together and, with their permission, I’m beginning to announce that we have initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.”

We are living in amazing times. This is a new American revolution. What will history have to say about you? Will you be a Paul Revere or a Benedict Arnold? Will you do what you can to save this country, even if it’s with a humble needle and thread as Betsy Ross so beautifully demonstrated?


I’ve stated on this site more than once that we are NOT as divided as the Old Media (MsM) would have you believe! They are nothing but Grima Wormtongues with teleprompters.

CNN (The Clinton News Network) posted as one of the top headlines this morning that Hillary was ahead in Florida! Really? Last week Kaine had only thirty people, yes, 30, show up at his event in Florida. This week Hillary only had about two hundred. Trump had tens of thousands at his events in Florida with thousands lined up outside unable to get in. Yet, CNN continues to declare that Hillary is ahead in Florida.

Wake up! Snap out of it! We have been played! We have been lied to, for a very long time! There are way more of us than there are of those who want to start riots for a fee and cause division among us. We must be brave and refuse to let these fork-tongued, political shadow dwellers, these degenerates set fire to this country. We are one nation under God!

Take a photo of your vote in the booth! Get a print out if they will let you. Take back the vote! Send Hillary and her flying monkeys to prison with your vote in the ballot box!


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