Investigator: Weiner computer files connect Clinton gang to espionage, Epstein and Lolita Express!

“There’s much more to this than is being told to the media right now.”

11/2/16 – The epic bombshells keep bursting in the final days leading up to the election. Respected investigator, Doug Hagmann, on the Alex Jones Show today revealed what his inside sources told him regarding the FBI reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton amid rumors of mutiny at the FBI and help within multiple government agencies and police departments, especially the NYPD.

Haggman made a special point of the fact that they took the laptop, a desktop, and the router.

“There’s much more to this than is being told to the media right now.  There’s the classified top secret files on Weiner’s computer [that] is the least of the issues.” The other part is treason. There were other downloads of top secret files to a third party who is not named in this interview, which was one of the reasons the confiscation of the router was of note. The third aspect is the pedophile component that links to Lolita Express, Jefferey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Huma Abedin. “These files do exist,” said Hagmann, and suggest an overlap. Hillary took trips on the Lolita Express with Bill and independent of Bill with Huma.

Clinton, Epstein, Prince Andrew

Great groups in NYPD and other agencies pushed for this along with the revolt at the FBI. They refused for the information to be swept under the rug because “it was too horrible”. Hagmann believes the Vince Foster release is to send a message to Comey that they know what they’ve got and they’re ready to use it.

The highly regarded investigator also said FBI agents tasked with destroying the laptops and devices of Cheryl Mills did not destroy the data or the hardware: It is right now in the hands of FBI agents and is ready to be disclosed. Rudy Giuliani has been very instrumental in getting some of this from the NYPD.

I just wrote about this a few days ago, suggesting that there could be a link connecting the Weiner computer issue with Bill Clinton and the Lolita Express pedophile ring, which, Hagmann said today, also links to multiple Democrats and Republicans. Might Bush be involved? That was exposed years ago but few people recall that it was The Washington Times’ front page story in 1989.

Read the story, WiFi on Clinton plane cut: Accident or intentional?

WashTimes_Bush Sex Ring

This is very ugly, people. Thank you, God, for sending Donald Trump to pull the curtain back and for exposing the true evil going on within our government. But, once we see it we are tasked with fixing it; we cannot ignore it and go on as before. Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Get ready to let go of your political dreams of who these people are. Repeat to yourself, “paradigm shift.” The whole of the political elite in the US is frantic to silence Donald Trump: the lid was just lifted a tiny bit revealing why. And it’s going to get a lot worse. We, the people have been very lazy; we haven’t done our due diligence to protect and defend our freedom. First and foremost, we must always watch elected officials like a hawk. We all have to do our part to keep an eye on our government.

I have two words that would dismantle the network of this pond scum, political elite forever: term limits.



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