Election fraud motherload! Hillary plans to steal it with a focus on 4 states!

Top election fraud expert exposes “magic key” changing votes nationwide! Computer fraud genius, Benny Smith in Memphis,  TN uncovers the smoking gun!

10/31/16 – Please watch this video interview! All of the fake polls were just mental programming to prepare the public to receive the fake results! Proved beyond a shadow of a doubt! A recognized election fraud expert uncovers the smoking gun of election fraud that gathers data from a back room set up, alters it using “fraction magic”, and outputs results in minutes.

Bev Harris, a universally respected, bi-partisan election fraud expert documented what they uncovered, and figured out how to stop it, how to guarantee votes wouldn’t be tampered with…and it doesn’t cost a dime! The globalists just don’t want us to know!

With a background in database programming, accounting and finance programming, and political demographics, Benny Smith possesses a magic combination of skills that equipped him for this special task.

This “magic key” using “fraction magic” can alter all precincts accessed in seconds. Watch the video below to see the results of their investigation and demonstrations of the system at work.

A Sorros connected group, Dominion, admitted they do this tampering.  What was the reason they gave when confronted? They replied, “For marketing purposes.” Every one of these criminals should be locked up immediately!

How is this connected to Watergate? Watch the interview and find out!

Benny Smith and Bev Harris deserve medals! Protect Benny and Bev, pray for them and thank them for this amazing work for the good of the country!

Lock up Sorros! Take back the Vote!

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