Final days until the election: Don’t believe the MsM Clinton propaganda! Shatter the mind-control!

MsM lies that Hillary is a sure thing, even as voters turn out for Trump in record numbers everywhere…again!

10/27/16 – Well, folks, here we are; the final days leading to the 2016 presidential election. If you don’t know what’s going on, if you haven’t already gone through the sometimes painful process of paradigm shift as you accepted the truth that the Clinton’s are crooks who have murdered, stolen, maimed, intimidated, threatened, used and pandered to ensure their kingdom, that they share with the other globalists such as Soros, would stand strong and finish the final phase of their plan to control us all with global government, I don’t know if this article will help. You may be suffering from cognitive dissonance.

In a final plea, let’s review:

Alt Media/New Media has been shouting from the rooftops for years about the criminal and mafioso type behavior of the Clintons. The videos released by Project Veritas, books and statements by former staffers or Secret Service, Bill Clinton’s former rape victims, and insiders who are coming clean to make good before their deaths, all confirm what we know and much more.

Part of what we’ve learned with shocking and overwhelming demonstration is that every one of the mainstream media (MsM) including major newspaper outlets such as the New York Times, is run by a state propaganda machine which is headed and edited by Hillary herself.

Hillary has NEVER really been ahead! This corrupt media has blatantly lied all along the way of this election process that started with the primaries when Hillary’s numbers were so dismal, single digits if I recall, that she could never have won the primary without the corruption that was uncloaked with the delegates refusing to vote the will of the people of their states, and then these same delegates openly mocked the electoral process…on-camera! Many states, mine included, had record voter turn-out in the primary and Trump won by a landslide all across the country, yet the delegates voted for other candidates. This open display of collusion and election rigging has never been seen in the history of this country. Folks were angry; don’t forget that righteous anger!

Even now, Hillary had only a few hundred show up at her event this week in Florida; Trump had a full stadium where the official count was 25,000 with an estimated 4,000 lined up outside who wanted to get in. But the media didn’t report that now did they?

Search engines such as Google were caught censoring searches on the ‘Clinton body count’ and ‘Hillary’s health’ to put their weight behind the state propaganda machine agenda. Facebook shut down free speech and individual’s pages if their cloistered secret group felt it was damaging to Hillary or her one world government goals.

In recent weeks we’ve seen WikiLeaks confirm many of the claims insiders have made for many years: The Clinton’s are not the friends of Catholics, Christians, or disabled, black or Hispanic Americans. Their racist and degrading remarks have been recorded by a long list of people including their former chef who felt compelled to come out with his story as Hillary hissed more fork-tongued lies to minority communities.

Hillary has good reason to hate Catholics and Christians since she’s been a long-standing member of a witch coven in California and flew to bi-weekly events there leaving her staff to create ways to cover it up. This is all documented now through multiple sources, just one of whom is former Clinton clean-up man, Larry Nichols.

Hillary has major health issues that cannot be denied unless you refuse to believe your own eyes. The video evidence of her falling down and being dragged into a van after an event, losing her shoe in the process, and seeing the secret service clearly demonstrate a practiced procedure when it occurred, all made that irrefutable, along with the video of the very strange head-shaking behavior. After expressing concern for Hillary’s health on-air Dr. Drew was threatened and told to recant; to his credit he did not and he was sumarily fired.

How about the stoking of race riots? Or the payment of individuals to start violence at Trump events, most notably in Chicago where many people were hurt, some seriously? All this while the Clinton’s are the true racists and the Clinton News Network (a.k.a. CNN) told us it was because WE were all racist. It’s interesting that it has been a long-standing Clinton tactic via Saul Alinsky to accuse opponents of what they are in fact doing, to cause confusion. We may be a bit late but now we know what they’re up to!

No, you posers, this is nothing but social engineering and manipulation trying to create chaos and violence, which just so happens to be one of the stated goals of the NWO and the globalists. We will not let you Decepticons push us into race riots!

The lying to congress, abandoning our treasured servicemen and women in Benghazi, stealing artifacts from the White House the first time they were there (I hope when those items were returned that someone had the sense to verify they were, in fact, the originals and not fakes!), and the list goes on and on.

Do I need to mention the private server that clearly put top secret information and, even worse, undercover service operatives at risk? And, yes, Obama knew. They claimed that no one got to the information even as Gucifer was convicted of accessing several servers including one belonging to George Bush. Instead, the Clintons want to blame everything on Russia and start World War 3! Hillary put it out there, everyone got it! And, worse, do you really think that was an accident??

What about the FBI “investigation” that was verified by WikiLeaks as being directed by the “shadow government?” The whole, yes-she-did-it-but-we-won’t-prosecute thing?

People like the Clintons don’t steal White House furniture (which belongs to the people, by the way) because they need it or the money from potentially selling it. Remember her television interviews at that time where she said with a straight face that they were out of money??? What?  As if that is some sort of excuse?

These people started a money-laundering scheme with the Clinton foundation and they keep something like 90% of the money donated to help the suffering people in Haiti!  They line their pockets on the backs of human suffering! People who do such things are truly monsters and it’s not about the money, they’ve got billions: They crave power over others.

There’s another aspect to this that I’m not seeing addressed elsewhere. Could Hillary be a vector to get Tim Kaine in? He is Jesuit trained, oddly enough, and is a strange character. I wrote an article asking, “Were Hillary’s Health Issues a Surprise to the NWO?” Of course, not; they knew the whole time. And, the point I made in that article was, if they knew, which they did, then what could their goal be, which is a much more frightening question than pondering Hillary being in office. They had to have a goal. What if it’s to get Tim Kaine in, who might want to partner with fellow Jesuit Pope Francis in his global government agenda? This whole thing with Hillary is evil and twisted and quite frankly, disturbing.

What this all boils down to is this. Trump is no angel. Let me remind you that none of us is an angel either. But, this is a 1776 moment. We have to thank God for sending Donald Trump to pull back the curtain and show us just how diseased our government has become.  The task has fallen to us! WE MUST FIX THIS! The mere fact that the entire globalist cabal is in an uproar trying to stop who Rick Wiles has named, “The Rocky Balboa of politics,” is the proof we need to protect him and get him in office as quickly as possible! Even the U.N. made statements of keeping Trump from being elected, which has never happened before.

Our cousins in England have risen above the fog to give the E.U. the boot; it’s our turn to give another blow to the NWO. Get out of your easy-chair, put down the PlayStation and go vote! Wear red to the polling place so we have visible cues we can document of voter intent. Ask for paper print outs of your vote selections (my polling place told me that was not available). Watch for tampering and ask for a paper ballot if necessary. If you recognize vote tampering your instructions are to go to the polling place manager and discuss it. If you can’t get it fixed imediately and verify your vote has been accurately recorded, call the police and tell them you’ve been a victim of voter fraud so they can come document the incident. Check out for more information on stopping voter fraud.

So many people died so that we might have freedom and elections. Don’t treat that privelege as if it were worthless. Treasure it! Protect it! Use it!

This is the moment. We were born for this time. If anyone other than Trump is in the Oval Office we very well may see war…and not the kind on someone else’s shores. We have to save our country and realize that what’s going on here affects the entire planet! We can increase suffering around the globe by continuing the Obama policy of exporting our corruption, or we can stand up, shake the dust off, drain the swamp, get on the right track, and help our fellow man.

How many Christians throughout the middle east have been tortured, killed and are yet suffering because Obama and yes, the Clintons also, won’t allow them to come to the US? It’s because they don’t fit the gloabalist’s play book being used right now. Islam is being used to create the chaos and to destroy the culture.

Above all, pray. I ask that my international readers pray for us. Pray for the US, pray for all countries and leaders. Pray for the US to repent and turn back to God. Fast for God to have mercy, mercy that is totally undeserved, on the US and to guide us back into the light.

Here we go; the clock is ticking. This is a major decision; it will be a door that will close behind us and there will be no going back.

Please check out the videos and links below to get an overview.



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