Surge of migrants cross southern US border ahead of election

Human smugglers playing on migrants’ hopes and fears use election to increase trafficking


10/25/16 – Human traffickers use the November election to stoke hopes and fears among would-be immigrants, creating a record-breaking surge at the US/Mexico border.

Reuters reports:

“Mexico is struggling to stem the flow of Central American migrants traveling to the United States ahead of the U.S. presidential election, causing major concern in Washington, which is weighing sending more agents to help…Despite those increases, fewer migrants are being caught as they move through Mexico.

The DHS is considering sending more agents south to train Mexican officials on how to track human traffickers and stop migrants crossing the Mexico-Guatemala border, according to an internal briefing document obtained by Reuters.”

For those of us who have been paying attention to the migration issues both here and abroad and how that is used as a tool for the NWO agenda, this is another excuse that plays into the larger plan of removing borders, Hillary Clinton’s stated goal; removing national sovereignty; creating chaos which provides the opportunity for a war, whether internal or international; and creates opportunity for “foreign terrorists” to cross the border and inflict their mayhem that may or may not be orchestrated, whether directly or indirectly, by our own government.  All of this moves us along the path the globalists have laid out: 90% population reduction and global government.

We need to keep an eye on this “surge ahead of the election”, as it may lay the groundwork for disruption of the election itself or provide the fuel for an even larger flash point.  There are lots of things at play right now and they all seem to be headed toward the goal of global government.



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