Trump: First 100 days agenda revealed in historic Gettysburg speech

Important foreign policy and domestic issues are addressed.

10/22/16 – What will the presumptive nominee’s priorities be during the first 100 days in office? Issues and policies are outlined in this speech at the hallowed ground of Gettysburg, PA, where Trump chose to release his “100 Day Action Plan”.

In this address, Mr. Trump addresses a wide range of issues including media bias and manipulation, domestic issues, and foreign policy. Among his priorities are, congressional term limits, IRS and tax revamping, withdrawal from TPP, energy policy, and infrastructure.

This is our moment, for those of us in the US, our turn to say, “No!” to the global government agenda as our friends in the UK have done. This season in history is so critical that language fails to describe the importance of this this election. We must choose truth, we must choose to pull back the veil and to then deal with the epic staph infection that has consumed so much of our government. We cannot heal what we refuse to acknowledge.

Please watch this video to educate yourself on this candidate’s view of what is most important to address. We must not allow the global government to steal our election and impose their puppet, the convict on the lam, Hillary Clinton, as the next president of the US, which would be the beginning of the end. We could be the last lock in the canal before the whole world becomes trapped in the grip of the NWO’s rotten, boney fingers.

Also, please listen to the Oct. 21st broadcast of TruNews to get a great encapsulated review of the critical stories that MsM/Old Media will not report.  There have been astonoshing developments this week.

We were created for such a time as this! Get up out of the sofa, shake the potato chip crumbs off, and suit up for the game! This is a 1776 moment! We either save this republic or we will endure suffering we cannot begin to describe as the NWO creates more chaos to make us all scream UNCLE so they can impose complete control worldwide. We can win this if we each do our part!



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