O’Keefe videos: Prove Clinton campaign, DNC collusion, corruption, racketeering! Media blackout stands firm.

MsM networks killed the story over fear of ‘retribution’ from Hillary Clinton

10/20/16 –  Please watch this ground-breaking 15 minute documentary by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas above and part 2 which is below, and send it to everyone you know.

The information uncovered in this video, the result of a careful undercover investigation, is so much bigger than this one Clinton campaign or some corruption in a single political election.  It is a glimpse into the backroom of a secret cabal devising a sinister plan that affects all of us.  And, these players are just the worker-bees on the lower rung of the shadow government.

It exposes, in an undeniable way, the decades long scheming and execution of both voter and election fraud; a network of accomplices; a disturbing, intentional use of violence as a method of propaganda at Trump events; and carefully crafted strategies to circumvent the law.

The man who orchestrated the violence at the Trump rally in Chicago has been a guest at the White House hundreds of times over the past few years!  Coincidence??  Why is this not in the news?

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Read: Networks killed story over fear of retribution form Hillary Clinton

New Media has been saying this for years: The MsM, now referred to as Old Media, has been lying to us!  All of it!  Chris Cuomo just said on-air that it is illegal to read the WikiLeaks Clinton emails, stating you have to go “through us”!

It has been an endless, sinister stream of propaganda and social engineering to manipulate how you think, your views of others, of various movements…it’s all been a form of mind control to heard us, like sheep, in a particular direction.  What is that direction?  Removal of all borders, inciting violence through social engineering arms such as Black Lives Matter as an instrument of ‘order out of chaos’, Socialized medicine, all things Socialist (which is always just a sugary pill to get you to open the door to Communism), and complete control.  What is this goal called?  One World Government or the New World Order.  And, the project implementation team for this plan?  It is the Shadow Government, which as WikiLeaks just exposed, directed the FBI investigation of Hillary’s email scandal.

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You think that’s why CNN and Chris Cuomo are trying to tell you not to read about this or look into these ship-sinking WikiLeaks revelations?  The shadow government PR is in full-swing.

If we are to survive this period in US history, and unfortunately that is a big IF, we must demand these people be tried and sentenced for their crimes, including Hillary Clinton. Keep showing up to support the only anti-establishment candidate, Trump, and document everything with your cell phone video.

If we all stand together we may be able to right the ship before we hit the iceberg.  The bigger the landslide victory, the larger the crowds of every background, race and creed making their position known, the more difficult it is for them to cover up.  We outnumber these fork-tongued Decepticons by more than 2:1 as reflected by the massive turnout at every Trump rally!  Don’t believe the lie!  We ARE more unified than they want you to believe!  This is our moment!  The whole world could be set on fire with nuclear war if we don’t stop these madmen who are consumed by a spirit of delusion.  We may not get another opportunity!  Please join me, Rick Wiles and the TruNews team in fasting and prayer leading up to this election.

Rick Wiles requests:

Will you join TRUNEWS in fasting and praying from now up until the general election November 8th?  Please email us at info@trunews.com to let the ministry know of your personal commitment to pray for America at this time of somber decision.






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