Russia unveils world’s first ‘death ray’

New weapon uses directed microwave energy


10/14/16 – (Daily Mirror) This terrifying [picture] shows what Russia is claiming is the world’s first weapon to use microwave energy ‘death-rays’ to target military drones.

According to Russia’s United Instrument Manufacturing Company (OPK), the weapon has undergone successful prototype testing and is ready to be rolled out.

And generals claim there is no other weapon like it in the world.

The prototype was revealed during the Arms High-tech military exhibition in Armenia.

Instead of using rounds of bullets or shells to destroy enemy targets, this new weapon will use directed microwave energy.

Russia is flexing its military muscles as tensions in Syria continue to increase, causing many to fear the very imminent threat of World War Three.

Major General William Hix, of the US Army, predicted that American could be led into war and that conflict between the two powerful counties is “almost guaranteed” and would be “extremely lethal and fast”.

It is believed that Vladimir Putin has denied claims that hackers from his country have interfered with the US presidential election.

Ex-US Navy scientific adviser Theodore Postol said such an escalation is “unjustified” and “highly dangerous” after emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign were posted on WikiLeaks.

**My note?  This release seems to say, “You wanna piece a me?”  It’s escalating. 


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