Michael Savage said last week: ‘I’m being censored’; Media purge begins?

“I’m getting massive heat from the top.” -Michael Savage

9/28/16 – Michael Savage, the host of the 2nd most listened-to radio talk show in the US is still off the air today after being preempted in the NY tri-state area during his live broadcast on Monday.  He tweeted that he was being sabotaged at 5:04 pm.  The low-ratings duo that was put on in Savage’s place bragged and taunted on-air that they were part of the coup to take Savage down.  Savage, hearing the boasts and of course angered by the attack, addressed the situation live to the rest of the nationwide audience of 20 million.  Then, the rest of the networks across the country pulled the plug as well, which proves collusion.

Just a week before, Savage had been a guest on the wildly popular InfoWars, Alex Jones show.  During that visit, Savage told Jones and his producers that he was under attack and he didn’t know how much longer he would be allowed to be on the air, saying he was getting massive heat from the top.  He also expressed concern that he didn’t know if he would be able to publish another book.  He is an author of many best-selling books, the current release for which he was on Jones’ show is Scorched Earth.

Today, Wednesday, September 28th, Savage is still off the air.  Alex Jones was trying to reach him for comment but it wasn’t until today that he had success.  Savage is busy dealing with the frightening events and has not as of yet released an official statement.

These two videos are very important because they describe the unfolding of this shocking move of media companies to exert power over freedom of speech, which in this case, also seems to be tied to manipulation of public opinion regarding the presidential election…which means the control is coming from a higher government power.

My article yesterday about this event contains commentary, important video evidence and links to multiple stories in recent months of increasing censorship.  This is an extremely important story.  This is a replay of WW2 Germany.

Read, Michael Savage broadcast shut down as he discusses ‘the fix is in’, and Hillary’s Health

Read Michael Snyder’s sobering article, America looks a lot like Nazi Germany did just prior to WW2

In the days just before WW2 the government gave lots of free stuff to buy the favor of the public…while increasing their tax rate to 80%.  They increasingly controlled the information in the media of the time, newspapers, newsreels and radio creating a Propaganda Ministry.  They instituted socialized medicine.  They drove out Christianity and created internal conflict, us against ‘them’ referring to Jews.  The Nazis fully embraced deep occult religion with the black sun symbols, seeking to create a master race with the lebensborn program, and the ‘working’ rite at Wewelsburg castle.

Sound familiar?  It should.

Watch the NatGeo documentary, Hitler and the Occult

Michael Aquino revived that practice in 1983 when he went to Bavaria on official NATO business and performed the rite at Wewelsburg castle, also known as the Wewelsburg Working.

Why is this important?  Because in addition to everything else on the list of things America has done to imitate the Nazi movement, we have had a massive embrace of and rise in the occult and the demonic.  I just posted another article on the subject yesterday because the story just won’t go away, that the rise in Satanism and Black Magik has created an “emergency” need for exorcists.

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Savage, who is also a doctor, was discussing Hillary’s health and that his opinion of her symptoms leans towards Parkinson’s Disease.  He was describing a Parkinson’s medication at the time the network pulled the plug.  Here is Savage’s chilling statement before he was taken down nationwide:

“Make a note of this, because you may not hear me tomorrow or ever again.  I want you to understand the kind of duress I’m under.  This is sabotage.  Do you understand what sabotage is?  Understand very clearly, if perhaps for the first time, that the Fairness Doctrine is already in operation on WABC in New York.”

Jones recounts that just a year ago, ‘reclusive’ Matt Drudge showed up unannounced at the InfoWars studios to share what he felt was critical information.  He said, “I had a supreme court justice tell me to my face, it’s over for me.  They’ve got the votes now to enforce copyright law.  You’re outta there.  They’re going to make it so you can’t even use headlines.  Justice Steven Breyer said we need to look at a global law.”

Could Savage be the first case of a major broadcast to be taken down?

With so many cases of blatant censorship regarding Hillary’s health or other Clinton information such as the ‘Clinton Body Count’ searches altered by Google, this should be of great concern to everyone.

It seems that we may loose control of the internet as ICANN is transferred to the UN on October 1.  Which means, there may no longer be free speech and information via the internet.  China already has their system in place and functioning well with great participation; the system becomes mandatory in 2020.

Read, Did China just launch the Mark of the Beast? Mandatory by 2020.

We are still watching these issues very closely.  We ALL should be watching these issues very closely.

If you don’t care about them shutting down Michael Savage’s respected program because the state doesn’t like what he says about Hillary’s health, soon they will be coming for you because they don’t approve of what you say.

They are already creating racial division for internal conflict.  We are being played!  Please wake up!

This is an urgent alarm sounding and we all should respond.  Call the networks that have aired the Savage Nation broadcast and demand they reinstate the program.  Tell them to stop attacking free speech and to stop trying to drive public opinion regarding a presidential candidate, who by the way, wasn’t even popular enough to win the primary without stealing it.  Don’t you remember her numbers were absolutely dismal from day one!

Call your local and state representatives and express your concern about the removal of free speech.  Tweet it.  Post it on FaceBook and YouTube until they have so many of us to censor that they can’t remove it all.  Organize a protest at the network offices.

This is a very sobering change.  I’ve been saying it for a long time now:  it’s here.  It’s not down the street or around the block, it’s here, already twisting its roots around your throat.  If you don’t rip the deadly weed off and shout you soon won’t be able to.

Please pray for protection and courage: then do something!  Act within the laws and freedoms we have before they are gone!










How Hitler took over media and information in WW2:




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