Sept. 2016: One World Religion rising, chaos increasing

Ceremony in Jerusalem uniting all faiths; clocks signal synchronicity

9/14/16 – I think you’ll find this interesting.  I started this post in August but am just now finishing it.  There is a very unsettling cluster of events occurring in this month of September.  I’ve had a bad feeling about this September for months and have discussed it with others.  I’m not yet sure what it is, or what it means, but we must stay in prayer and be watchful.

In August, I noticed something strange and I wanted to share it with you.  I’m wondering if there could be a connection between the Gotthard Tunnel ceremony and a few other things.   I haven’t seen any reference to this connection I’ve noticed anywhere on the internet.  Let me explain.

First, on June 6th I published an article on the Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony.  I noted in that article that the spinning clock kept stopping on 9:10, 9:15, and 9:20.  I said in the article that I wasn’t sure if it was a time or a date but that it felt like a date to me, and that I had been feeling trepidation about this September for a few months.  I said that ceremony seemed to be announcing the arrival of the anti-christ.  But maybe it refers to an event important toward that end.

Since then, I kept noticing other things connected to the occult with clocks stopping on 9:20.  That was certainly very odd.


Then, I saw a picture of the Serpent Mound in Ohio and noticed something I’d never noticed before: it had what looked like a clock with 9:20 on it.  I searched for other pictures of the Serpent Mound but the only one I could find that had that clock in the egg was this historical drawing from the Ohio Historical Society dated 1901 (pictured at right).  Why does this old drawing include this feature found nowhere else?

There is debate about the serpent mound, whether the serpent is eating the egg or birthing the egg.  In light of all these clocks marking 9:20, it seems to me that in this representation the serpent could be giving birth to the progeny and a significant date may be set for September of this year or maybe next.  Is it to be the birth or arrival of an important figure such as the Anti-Christ, or the start of something significant?  That would certainly dove-tail with the message from the Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremonies which seemed to announce the arrival of the Anti-Christ.

Then, I saw a video by a good blogger, C.Ervana describing the Pope’s involvement in what seems to be a launching of the one world religion taking place in Jerusalem this year.  Guess when…from September 4th-23rd.  This ceremony, called “House for All Believers” is separated into two parts.  The 5th-11th is the Jews, Muslims and Christians participating in a ceremony called, “Passion for All Believers”.  Then, the 12th-23rd is the “Mekudeshet Festival”.

“We will see if it is possible, despite all the corporeal difficulties and earthly obstacles, to create a new reality,” said Mekudeshet Artistic Director Itay Mautner. (emphasis added)

In an article, Christine Darg of The Jerusalem Channel points out, “On the Hebrew calendar, we have entered the month of Ellul, an important time of repentance and introspection leading to the Days of Awe, the Jewish New Year (Feast of Trumpets), Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles.  But we’re also living in an age of deception: a new interfaith gathering of Christians, Jews and Muslims has begun in Jerusalem during this important period of spiritual introspection on God’s calendar.”

In a new and different video by C. Ervana (featured above) she describes a chain of large supposedly Christian events this year that have some very strange occult features, and the August 29th announcement that the next Kohen Gadol or high priest, Rabbi Baruch Kahane, has been selected by the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem.  Please watch the videos.


In July the pope participated in and drove the event “Together” in Washington, D.C. on the mall in front of the Washington Monument obelisk.  The symbol used for that event was the “ouroboros”, or serpent eating its own tail.  All of these events are removing the walls between religions and pushing one religion, as Malachy Martin described, and as Pope Francis has promoted very prominently.


September 7th was the occult holy day, Marriage to the Beast, the 21st is the Midnight Host celebration, both include sacrifice and dismemberment.  And, we have the most important occult holy days coming up in the month of October.

In addition to all of this dancing around fires, proclaiming unity with heretical or occult doctrines moving aggressively toward a one world religion, as the Western world prods the public toward a one world government, we have Hillary Clinton manipulating the 2016 presidential race (more on that in another post), and unending devastation in Venezuela as yet another socialist government continues its spiral into ruin.


How can anyone in the Western world fall for the lies of socialism and communism when, even if ignorant of history, we have such blazing examples of their ultimate goals in the current events of Venezuela?  Socialism and communism do not work.  It is nothing but a deception to get you to give up your freedom and power to a ruling elite that will treat you like chattel.  We are living in a mind-numbing toxic cloud of high deception…just like Yeshua Jesus warned us of in Matthew 24.  You must do your homework with sites such as this one and others listed on the Links page to help you discern what is really going on in these truly dark days.

To sum up this post, are these events connected?  Yes; we know what the story is and how it ends thanks to the book of Revelation and the other astonishingly accurate prophetic texts of the Bible.  There is a NWO and dark forces collaboration to war against the one true G_d.  The prophecies of the Bible are falling into place before our very eyes.  There seems to be a coordinated effort to roll out a one world government and a one world religion in our time, and that the clock showing 9:20 on its face is somehow significant.  My readers know that in the Illuminati/NWO realm they have to tell you what they’re going to do to you before they do it.  They are repeating 9:20 to us for a reason.  Seeing that the Serpent Mound example comes from the last century, we know it reflects a plan that has been in place for a very long time, which is what the biblical texts reveal.  We have yet to know for certain what that reason is, but time will tell.

I have prayed about and pondered why there is a creed with these occult ruling elites that they have to tell us what they are going to do to us before they do it.  Why do they do that?  Well, I suspect it has to do with the pattern we see in the occult and the demonic.  They have to ask permission to enter.  If they are announcing what they are going to do and we do nothing, that is a form of compliance, which is yet another proof that Christians are not to stand around and watch evil advancing and shrug their shoulders saying, hey, whatever is going to happen is going to happen, I can’t do anything about it.  Or the old standby, that’s not the churches job.  In the words of Bart Simpson, “Contraire mon frere!”  Indeed, it is exactly the job of the church!

First, we are commanded to be watchful and alert.  Why would Yeshua tell us to be watchful and alert if He intended us to do nothing?  That makes no logical sense.  Second, we are instructed that whenever we see evil advancing, we are to sound the alarm, to gather the troops and to fight against it!  We are told to go into the land and take back the territory not just try to make ourselves comfortable in the desert and hope they leave so we can move in!  G_d instructs us to drive them out.

Yet, we know that we were born for such a time as this!  We are to be prepared spiritually for whatever may come.  Get your armor on!  Get suited up and get in the battle!  The battle will rage on you or around you, but you will not escape the battle; it is upon us right now.  Yeshua is returning soon.  And, no matter when that time may be, we are certainly likely to see the launch of the one world government and the one world religion, it is nipping at our heels.

Please stay in prayer.  And, as a friend and I discussed this week, we still need to be praying for President Obama an all other world leaders to have their Road To Damascus experience and be saved by the transforming power of Yeshua.  Pray for the the US to turn back to G_d and for great revival to sweep this nation and the world.  We are commanded to do so and to work toward that end.  The rest is up to the one and only G_d, Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus Christ, the Messiah.




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