Hillary lies again; Trump’s been helping minorities for over 30 years

1999: Jesse Jackson Praises Trump’s Commitment To Minorities, ‘Under-Served Communities’

8/30/16 – Here’s a great example of how politicians contradict themselves when there is a new agenda, whether their own or a shared agenda with their posse or political party.

I wrote on 8/27/16While Ms. Clinton accused Donald Trump in her 8/25 speech in Reno, Nevada of being a “leader of a dangerous group of white supremacists”, more information is coming to light that reveals her sickening duplicity and blatant pandering.  

The Daily Caller had a great article, 1999: Jesse Jackson Praises Trump’s Commitment To Minorities, ‘Under-Served Communities’ that shared this video from the past.  I recommend that article.  Please read it here.

“Reverend” Jesse Jackson, who is not a reverend but a politician, couldn’t say enough in 1999 about his “friend” Trump, who supported minority projects for decades and when he could benefit from his money.  In 1999 Trump is photographed in the still shot in the video above as the only non-black man surrounded by black men and there is no indication that he is uncomfortable at all, as usually would be the case.  That’s pretty unusual.  And, just to state the obvious, he wasn’t running for public office back then.

Now, the democrat party is doing everything it can to try to convince the public that Trump is a racist when he has never been such, and quite to the contrary, over decades has proven himself to be an honest supporter of minorities and minority issues.

This is directly from the LBJ playbook, as was revealed in a powerful and shocking report by TruNews that I posted on 8/27/16 in an article titled, Hillary’s duplicity and smear campaign strategy revealed in shocking broadcast.

Listen to this important broadcast here, Hillary Uses LBJ Playbook Against Trump

If you’ve listened to that must-hear broadcast, you heard the ads from the ’64 campaign and how in one case it is word for word with the current ad.  In fact, it was revealed that a couple of guys who worked on the original campaign are now working for the Clinton campaign.  The Clinton campaign is hoping that if they shout it loud enough long enough that enough people will not do their homework and believe the lies. A major strategy of the ’64 campaign was this.  The people hated LBJ, so they had to make the public afraid of the opposition Barry Goldwater, more afraid of him than the dislike they had for LBJ.  Notice a parallel already?  When the ’64 LBJ campaign is put in context it is very clear what the Clinton campaign strategy is and their next probable steps.

Listen to this important broadcast here, Hillary Uses LBJ Playbook Against Trump

Trump is not anti woman, is not anti-black or anti-hispanic, and he’s not anti-immigrant.  He is not anti-gay.  These are the tag lines Hillary and her media machine now repeat endlessly in every media interview knowing full well there is ZERO evidence of this.  Please take the time to look this up for yourself: They are lying to the people because if they lose this election they will lose power, not just in the short term, but it will set back the larger globalist agenda in a big way.  If you don’t understand that piece of the puzzle you won’t understand why the propaganda is historic in its deception.

You have the choice between a woman who has consistently worked for her own self interest at every possible opportunity; has Google censoring searches to prevent people finding search results on the “Clinton Body Count” and on “Hillary’s Health”; has broken the law more times than we can count; has pandered to any group of people when she wants something from them, namely votes, all while trashing them behind their backs; laughed (on tape) while defending a man who raped a 12 year old girl, knew he was guilty and blamed the child for it; threatened the women her husband raped or assaulted to keep them quiet; is responsible for disasters such as Bengazhi; is friends with just about any nation who will give her money such as China, and Saudi Arabia who condones throwing gays off buildings; has a right-hand aide, Huma Abedin, who worked with her mother to push female genital mutilation; who destroyed states evidence against her and gets off scott free; has a foundation that is nothing but a massive money laundering operation, has spent tens of millions of dollars with a hundred staff members while gaining only large corporate and foreign interest donors, and states in her speeches she wants to raise our taxes again…


Donald Trump.  Who is a bit bombastic, yes; an extrovert alpha-male with the confidence of an entire football team; who is long-known for quiet generosity, business prowess and intelligence in dealing with difficult situations; who has a consistent track record of creating success from the business refuse, supporting and hiring minorities, and dealing with nations like China; is devastatingly honest about the political gamesmanship that has led to a spiral downward into the great abyss, which may be inescapable if the country does not pull together…quickly; and has long been an opponent to globalism and the open-borders philosophy that in the big picture spells the end for individual liberty, freedom and opportunity.  He has funded his own campaign to ‘put his money where his mouth is’ and prove to the public that he cannot be bought, and his campaign donors are average people numbering in the hundreds of thousands with smaller donations, unlike the almost exclusively corporate large donors of the Clinton campaign.  And, The Donald doesn’t want to raise our taxes but lower them with a Reaganesque plan,  enacting accountability on government spending instead.  He also wants to make childcare tax-deductible.  And, a big one, he wants to take care of our veterans.  Unlike prior Presidents, I think he’ll actually do it.

The Trump campaign posted a response today to the FBI announcing that they have found more of Hillary’s emails, these related to Benghazi.  I thought Hillary said the emails she deleted (it is already illegal to destroy states evidence) were not work related.  More Hillary lies.  Don’t we have enough evidence from her to be fully assured that she will continue to lie to us whenever it serves her purpose?

I’ve said this for many months.  This election is not as much about Trump as it is a process of elimination.  If you are a believer in Yeshua, you CANNOT knowingly vote for anyone who is a member of the CFR or NWO, which all the other candidates were (If you don’t understand that statement you need to do some homework on the evil of those organizations).  They were all members in the list of elite secret organizations who have owned and manipulated US politics for many decades.  And all of them, both democrat and republican, completely owned by puppet-masters, worked toward the NWO globalist agenda, chipping away at our freedoms and the US Constitution.

That leaves Trump standing alone, a scruffy, New York kid who said to the slimy, secret society nerds, “Hey, knock it off.”

Trump is blazing the trail to destroy that toxic club that has done what we pray is not irreparable damage to the republic, and to reestablish an environment that encourages business growth and creates jobs rather than exporting them.  We can’t accomplish anything we need to fix if we don’t include that in the urgent agenda.

Michele Hickford, Editor in Chief for AllanBWest.com wrote this:

Let’s take for example what might be happening in the White House if Donald Trump loses in November. You’re surely quite familiar with Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, and her ties to an Islamist journal where she was listed as an editor but the Clinton campaign insists “she really didn’t do anything there.”

Then there’s the little problem of Huma’s mother, who DID in fact write quite radical Islamic essays for the journal and edited a book most feminists – and supposed women’s rights champions like Mrs. Clinton – should find appalling.

The New York Post reports, In 1999, Saleha M. Abedin translated and edited a book titled “Women in Islam: A Discourse in Rights and Obligations,” published by the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs. Written by her Saudi colleague Fatima Naseef, the book explains that the stoning and lashing of adulterers, the killing of apostates, sexual submissiveness and even female genital mutilation are all permissible practices ¬under Sharia law.

“The wife should satisfy her husband’s desire for sexual intercourse,” the book states on Page 202, even if she is not in the mood. “She has no right to abstain except for a reasonable cause or legal prohibition.”

But getting in the mood may be difficult. The book says female genital mutilation is permissible: “Circumcision for women is allowed.”

Laws promoting feminist equality, moreover, are ineffectual, since “man-made laws have in fact enslaved women, submitting them to the cupidity and caprice of human beings. Islam is the only solution and the only escape.”

“Moreover, women’s biological constitution is different from that of men. Women are fragile, emotional and sometimes unable to handle difficult and strenuous situations,” it explained. “Men are less emotional and show more perseverance.”

There is one exception to the sexual division of roles: “Women can also participate in fighting when jihad ¬becomes an individual duty.”

On the back cover, Saleha says she is “pleased to launch” the book as part of a series on the study of women’s rights in Islam sponsored by the International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child (IICWC), for which she is listed as chairperson.

Founded by Huma’s mom, the Cairo-based IICWC has advocated for the repeal of Egypt’s Mubarak-era laws in favor of implementing Sharia law, which could allow female genital mutilation, child marriage and marital rape.

Oh, and by the way, Saleha is paid by the Saudi government to advocate and spread Sharia in non-Muslim countries like America. Does that sound familiar? (see above, if you need a refresher already)  (**ShofarChic note: Saudi Arabia just lowered the age of sexual consent from 15 to 12.  Read about that here.)

The pundits are saying Huma Abedin would most likely be appointed chief of staff if Hillary wins. Does that bother anyone else? (emphasis added)

The relevance of my article today is exposing the blatant lies that are coming at us so fast it’s like being in the batting cages without a helmet or a bat.  Help me expose this behavior and please pass this along to your readers.  We must counter the lies with truth, and counter the ‘divide and conquer’ scheme by standing together shoulder to shoulder with the knowledge that we CAN and MUST change the regime, metaphorically set fire to the corrupt establishment that is stoking racial tension and civil unrest to prevent us from walking together toward the common goal of improved government.  When we stand together we CAN change things!  United we stand, divided we fall!

That is the power in what Dr. King did, because there is such a thing as peaceful protest that is steadfast and unmovable, firmly built on biblical truth and morality: it forces change.  With G_d all things are possible!  It is the opposite of the twisted slime that Saul Alinsky (one of Hillary’s “mentors”) spewed in Rules for Radicals, the end justifies the means and that “Life is a corrupting process…he who fears corruption fears life.”  Corruption is sin, and sin=death, NOT life!  Yeshua Jesus is life!  He dedicated his book to Lucifer: Do you think that Luciferian manual could ever bring about positive change?  It can only bring corruption and destruction.  That is the WRONG path!

You do NOT gain power by working against G_d and working against His ways!  You are empowered by fully yielding to the Creator of the universe and walking in holiness and standing in righteousness…together.  You never win by becoming your enemy and using their corrupt tactics.

“If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.” -Mark 3:25

You can’t win peace and freedom by becoming the hateful racist that you claim you oppose: it will eventually consume you.  Evil cannot cast out evil.  Hate cannot cast out hate.  Once you buy into that lie all you do is feed the evil, the Lord of Darkness, the very embodiment of evil, who has long had a goal of destroying us all.  And he whispers in our ears, hands us his weapons of destruction and laughs while we tear each other apart which was part of his plan all along.  That’s why Dr. King led a movement that won!

Youth without leadership and without discipleship does not understand this connection.

Start by giving your life to Yeshua Jesus right now.  See our Who is Yeshua Jesus? page for more.  Pray for Him to give you discernment so you can see the deception that only wants to lead you to destruction.  Only in Him do you find truth, freedom, peace, love and purpose.  Only through Him can we attain victory against the forces of darkness that labor every moment, never sleeping, to destroy us.












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