Hillary’s duplicity and smear campaign strategy revealed in shocking broadcast

Hillary panders to minorities while using racial slurs behind closed doors; sleezy campaign strategy against Trump discovered

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8/27/16 – While Ms. Clinton accused Donald Trump in her 8/25 speech in Reno, Nevada of being a “leader of a dangerous group of white supremacists”, more information is coming to light that reveals her sickening duplicity and blatant pandering.  And we’ve yet to see the latest batch of emails coming from WikiLeaks.  As I’ve said on this site several times, if you have believed her in the past as I once did, you need to learn the hard truth about the Clintons.

In a shocking TruNews broadcast dated 8/26/16, Rick Wiles reveals: Hillary’s duplicity of pandering to minorities while using racial slurs behind their backs, her silence regarding the February 29th endorsement of Will Quigg, KKK Grand Dragon and member of the Loyal White Knights, that came with a $20,000 campaign donation, and her mirroring of the 1964 LBJ campaign.

Some of the statements Ms. Clinton has made are as follows:

Hillary said in 2000 regarding campaign manager Paul Fray, “You f___ing Jew b_st__d .”  Clinton denied making the statement at the time.  The NY Post arranged for a three-hour polygraph test of Mr. Fray.  The results were in his favor of telling the truth.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Mr. Fray is truthful,” concluded state-licensed Arkansas polygrapher Jeff Hubanks, who gave the three-hour test.

Referring in separate statements to Jesse Jackson and to Robert Macintosh, a leading African American activist in Little Rock, Arkansas while Bill Clinton was Governor, “That G_d d___ed n___r.”

She has also been quoted as saying, “Stupid k___” referring to Jews.

In recent months her speech where she referred to African Americans as “super-predators” who need to be “brought to heel” has played on the internet even as MsM continues to sensor unflattering stories and to “do all they can” for her, according to CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

And, while in the governor’s mansion in Arkansas, disabled children were present for an Easter egg hunt.  She was quoted as saying, “When are they going to get these f___ing retards out of here?”

These quotes fit perfectly with the recent revelations from former Secret Service agents working for her and the sound bites played on the TruNews broadcast from one Mr. Will Quigg, a KKK Grand Dragon and member of the Loyal White Knights.  As Hillary accuses Trump of guilt by association with the KKK, she neglects to mention her own KKK endorsements.

Mr. Quigg made the following statement regarding the KKK endorsement of Hillary Clinton and a $20,000 campaign donation on February 29th, 2016:

“The KKK endorses Hillary Clinton. We have given her $20,000 anonymously for her campaign fund.  She is friends with the Klan.  You know, a lot of people don’t realize that.  All that stuff she’s saying now, she’s saying so she can get into office.  Okay?  She doesn’t care about illegal immigrants.  She doesn’t.  She’s acting like she does so she can get into office.  And once she’s into the office, then she’ll implement her policies.  She’s a Democrat.  The Klan has always been a democratic organization.”

The Clintons are both liars AND thieves!  If you remember, the Clinton’s stole things from the White House when they left and when confronted they said they were having money troubles, as if that would excuse their actions!  Shouldn’t that have been a clear revelation of the abyss where their hearts should be?

Rick Wiles and reporter Edward Szall went on to reveal their shocking discovery of Hillary mirroring of the 1964 LBJ campaign, where William “Bill” Bogart who participated in an ad for the 1964 campaign, was used for the new Hillary commercial reading the exact same script except for the substitution of Donald Trump for Barry Goldwater.

An example sentiment being, you can’t vote for Barry Goldwater, that would make you a racist!

In May 2016, the two masterminds of the LBJ campaign were interviewed by Politico, Sid Meyers, former Art Director, and Lloyd Wright, DNC Media Coordinator in ’64.  They were asked what they would do to help Hillary and they  referred to the same ads played on the TruNews broadcast that are now rolling out in Hillary’s new ads.  The ads are parallel as you will hear.

This is a must-hear broadcast.  Expose the lies!  Watch the documentary, Clinton Cash, for free here on this site using the link below.  This criminal family must be exposed!








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