Trump vs Hillary: numbers belie MsM

Liemongering by MsM continues as more data proves their Hillary claims false

Trump vs Hillary stats online

8/23/16 – (InfoWars)  During the 8/23/16 broadcast of InfoWars a screen capture shatters the false claims by MsM media that Hillary is even close to Donald Trump.  See the numbers for yourself.  We’ve been lied to!

Trump vs Hillary stats online

The above screen shot from InfoWars is translated below for easier viewing:


Trump: 10,174,358 Likes Clinton: 5,385,959 Likes

Trump has nearly double the amount of ‘Likes’ that Clinton has!

When comparing recent ‘live streams’ on Facebook:

Trump Live Stream Post – 135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1.5 million views
Clinton Live Stream Post – 11,000 likes, 0 shares, 321,000 views

Trump is crushing Clinton.


Trump: 10.6 million followers
Hillary: 0.1 million followers

Trump has 30% more Twitter followers and they translate into real votes.  A recent study confirmed that
70% of his followers are real supporters , and 90% of those real followers have a voting history.

Who knows if Hillary followers are even real?

Youtube Live Stream

Trump: Averages 30,000 live viewers per stream
Clinton: Averages 500 live viewers per stream

Trump has 5900% more live viewers than Clinton. That’s plain devastation!


Trump: 2.2 million followers
Clinton: 1.8 million followers

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