Hillary an ‘insider threat’ says US Army

Leaked Army operational security brief shows Hillary Clinton as an example of potential insider threat

Hillary_Insider Threat_US Army

8/22/16 – (TruNews)  Admins of the Facebook page “U.S. Army W.T.F! moments” told The Daily Caller News Foundation this is the second time they’ve received a picture of this particular slide featuring the Democratic presidential nominee in the last six months. They posted the slide to their page Sunday.

Admins said the picture came from a servicemember stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.

The brief, marked unclassified, lists servicemembers Nidal Hassan, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Aaron Alexis as examples of threats.On the second row, the brief pictures Clinton and Petraeus. The text of “careless or disgruntled employees” echoes FBI Director James Comey’s description, “extremely careless,” of Clinton’s handling of top secret and classified information when she served as Secretary of State. Comey then went on to recommend to the Department of Justice that no criminal charges be filed against her.




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