Mock human sacrifice ritual performed at CERN

Occult ritual complete with a mock human sacrifice surrounding Shiva statue


8/19/16 – Just when we’re shaking off the darkness and creep-factor of the Gotthard Tunnel display CERN steps up to take the baton.  Scientists at CERN who are unnamed at this point, planned out and performed an occult ritual. 

I’ve been trying to get this story posted for a few days now and I’m just now getting to it.  Yes, it is true.  In full darkness, eight figures in black robes walk out making a circle around Shiva (the goddess of death and destruction).  Another black robed figure walks up, disrobes revealing a woman who lays down on the ground in front of the statue.  One of the black robed figures approaches her, takes out a shining knife and appears to stab her.  The videographer who was taping the incident, possibly knowing something was to happen, seems to be freaked out by what he sees and turns off the camera when the mock stabbing occurs.

How much the videographer knew is in question.  Was the person told to tape at this time?  It seems so.  But whether he was told exactly what would take place is another question and we don’t have answers yet.

Some feel this ritual is connected with what took place at the Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony.  In that footage images that were projected on a massive video screen could suggest a connection to CERN.

This is so very bizarre and disturbing that supposedly smart people who are scientists from around the world are engaging in this kind of ceremony.  Yet, from the spiritual perspective, we should not be surprised at all, since CERN has dedicated its facility to the Hindu goddess of destruction and death.

I’ll put two great references with analysis on this issue below along with the video for you to check out.

Please pray.  The age is indeed a dark one and there are so many ceremonies calling out to all of the forces of the abyss. And, these rituals are not benign, they are powerful and the enemy never misses an opportunity to slither into your life.

A major issue is that, like rebellious pre-teens, people often feel that as long as they “don’t mean it” that these rituals are just in fun.  The forces of darkness do not care whether you mean it or not, and they don’t care if you regret it or changed your mind.  Inner Healing and Deliverance ministries nationwide are inundated with people who opened themselves up to demonic forces through occult activities they thought were all in good fun, such as “playing” with a ouija board or tarot cards.

If you have ever participated in the occult, wicca, witchcraft, satanism, Santeria, tarot cards, oiuja boards or demonic games, you have opened yourself up to forces that are very powerful and are not required to listen to your demands or commands.  They are only interested in one thing: to use you as a pawn in their march against the G_d of the universe.  There is only one power that is greater than they are and it is Yeshua Jesus, the King of Kings and L_rd of Lords.

Turn to Him and He can deliver you from that oppression.  He will make you into the beautiful vessel He always planned for you to be.  It is only in Him that true peace and joy can be found.  Please visit the Who Is Yeshua Jesus? page to learn more.  That is the first step to breaking demonic bondage.  Since I work in inner-healing and deliverance ministry I see it all the time.  Yeshua can set you free!  The time is short!  He’s coming back soon!

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
-Ephesians 6:12




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