Archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old scrolls with demon-invoking magic spells

Inscriptions etched on ancient rolls of gold and silver found in Serbia


8/10/16 – (The Week)  Archaeologists have discovered what they believe to be 2,000-year-old “spells” etched onto tiny rolls of gold and silver, uncovered alongside skeletons in northeastern Serbia. But as archaeologists attempt to decipher the language on the magic scrolls, they admit to not knowing if the spells were intended for good or for evil.

“We read the names of a few demons that are connected to the territory of modern-day Syria,” archaeologist Ilija Danković told Reuters.  (emphasis added)

For the time being, the purpose of the spells remains a mystery and it may never be fully understood; while the alphabet is written in Greek letters, the language is Aramaic. “It’s a Middle Eastern mystery to us,” Miomir Korać, the chief archaeologist at the site, told Reuters.

NOTE FROM ShofarChic: This just feels ominous to me.  They were found in Serbia but are connected to demons of Syria.


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