UPDATED: Dan Gordon: Are we in WW3? Video censored!

Author, screenwriter and IDF Captain discusses Egypt Air crash, terrorism in the Mid-East, Israel, global conflict

6/9/16 – Dan Gordon is very enlightening in this PPS Report interview.  The author of, Day of the Dead: Book Two – America, had just written the beginning of his new book and arrived in Paris hours after the Egypt Air crash.  Ironically, the beginning of his new book has the scenario of a terrorist blowing up a plane from Egypt to Paris.

This interview is a needed deeper look into the current state of the Mid-East and the global war that seems to be on the horizon.

6/10/16 – UPDATE: This story was posted the afternoon of the 9th, and by the morning of the 10th the video had been censored.  When you click on the video it says it was taken down by the user, but that is not true: it was taken down by either YouTube or someone higher up (screenshot below).

Checking the PPS Report site the video had been censored there as well and a new article this morning by L.A. Marzulli documents that changes were made to their account regarding the video.

What was so upsetting to the higher ups that they censored this video?  Mr. Gordon discussed his new book, the strange correlation to what he’d just written playing out in real time as he arrived in Paris, how the bombers knew that planes were a good target and why.  It was a great interview connecting some dots, but there was no information that terrorists don’t already have therefore no security threat.  Could it be the holy grail of never say anything negative about migrants or terrorists?

View the screenshots below:

My page as I discovered it this morning:


Video says, “This video has been removed by the user”, which is NOT TRUE:


LA Marzulli’s page with a new article posted this morning with screenshots showing the censorship by YouTube:


The censorship is increasing just as it did in the months before WW2.  We must pay very close attention to what is happening right now.  Bilderberg is in session, Satanic holidays and festivals run concurrent, and Bohemian Grove will soon start.  The US Government is in discussions regarding an ID for internet access to increase control.

These are unprecedented attacks against free speech.  The gates to the cells are closing and if we don’t protest now we will all be trapped inside their gulags.

Pray!  But, also speak up, protest before you no longer have a right to do so!



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