Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony: occult, satanic spectacle

Dignitaries from six nations view occult ceremony; complete with perversion and demonic symbolism

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6/6/16 – Readers, I’m struggling to write this article.  After watching the video of the opening ceremony for the new Gotthard train tunnel in Switzerland, I feel a sickening heaviness, a burden to alert you to what it means.

First, I do not recommend you watch this video.  It is shocking in it’s display of occultic and satanic ritual.  My regular readers know that I work in inner-healing and deliverance ministry so I am experienced in seeing the occult and satanism at work.  If you decide to watch it, please pray both before and after to protect yourself from the dark spiritual forces that were celebrated and lifted up in their presentation.

I heard about this event when it happened but was not able to write about it until I had done some research and prayed about it.  One of the videos of the event is 6 hours long so it took some time to get through it and organize my thoughts.

I’ll be honest; if someone told me of these events I would not have believed it.  It sounds like someone is completely exaggerating.  I assure you that what I’ve written here is no exaggeration.  In fact, some who read this article thought the description was more than adequate, then when they attended a class I recently taught on spiritual warfare and saw the video they commented with shock that it was much worse than I was able to describe.  And, apparently some of the videos of the event have already disappeared from the web.

I’ll give you a rundown here of what I think is going on.

On Wednesday, June 1st, the Swiss government, after 17 years of work, put on a major production to celebrate the opening of the new Gotthard train and tunnel.  The production included over 600 actors and dancers and came with a price tag of over 8 million Euros.  Dignitaries from six nations were in attendance, including Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande.

Don’t you find that just a bit strange?  Usually train tunnels are opened with a bottle of champagne and maybe a speech by the mayor.  But, 8 million Euros??

It’s already strange that the Swiss have long bragged that their country has never been invaded for 500 years due to the position beyond the Swiss Alps: this new tunnel opens that up…at a time that all of Europe is being invaded by Muslim migrants being brought in by the EU/NWO government.  Not a wise thing, I think.

TruNews posted an excellent article with both a description of the event and the relevant history that is very helpful in shedding light on the scope of the event and the implications.  Edward Szall reported:

On June 1st Switzerland unveiled the world’s longest and deepest railroad tunnel with a deeply occultic, satanic ceremony.

At the Gotthard Train Tunnel’s northern portal in Erstfeld, Switzerland, hundreds of dignitaries including Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Switzerland’s President Johann Schneider-Ammann, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and France’s President Francois Hollande attended the Illuminati-esq ceremony.

The Gotthard ritual was split into 2 separate events. Both were laced with graphic demonic symbolism, and broadcast live across the world through RT, BBC and other major European outlets.

The indoor ceremony followed a similar, yet scaled down version, of the outdoor Erstfeld ritual, and was coordinated by German director Volker Hesse.

Swiss Broadcasting Corporation reported that more than 80,000 members of the Swiss public showed up to experience the new Gotthard tunnel. Some 30,000 people on Saturday and another 50,000 on Sunday attended events at four locations: Erstfeld and Rynächt in canton Uri as well as Pollegio and Biasca in canton Ticino, at the other end of the 57 kilometre-long tunnel.

Mr. Szall also took the time to research the connection to Santa Barbara, Bohemian Grove and some other things that will leave you stunned.  If you are interested in what is going on I highly recommend that article.

It is notable that there is a Swiss legend that involves a bridge being opened and a deal with the devil, so that helps to make analysis of this production very clear.

It is also notable that both Swiss and French articles called the new tunnel an “invisible cathedral.”

Here is a breakdown of the major points in the presentation that was conducted outside:

  • They used a mixed language of Italian and ancient Germanic; Ancient Germanic is connected to the occult, paganism and druidism.
  • Miners remove their clothes then labor in tribal unity, like hypnotized zombies, to open an abyss represented on a huge video screen.  This could also represent a connection to CERN.
  • A figure representing Satan, with a goat head, emerges and dances wildly and rudely.
  • Throughout the performance there are audio background sounds of evil laughing or growling.
  • On the video screen a picture of the goat head morphs into a human male face screaming with a hot red background.  There are three Egyptian scarabs hanging in front of the screen (pictured above).  Scarabs are a symbol of the heavenly cycle and of the idea of rebirth or regeneration because they consume the flesh of the dead.  There were three spirits represented and three miners that got sacrificed.
  • Musicians form two lines of 28, 56 total, traditional Swiss horns or Alphorns on each side of the performance area playing toward the center as the dancers and actors perform.
  • The alphorns played toward the center where the devil figure danced and did his evil work.  This reminded me of the shofar blast.  The lord of darkness imitates and perverts the things important to G_d.  The shofar is used for both military and celebratory purposes.  It was the last sound that caused the walls of Jericho to fall and heralds the returning Messiah.  It is my feeling that use of the alphorns not only beckoned the beings of the dark side to come forth but was feeding them life force and announcing their arrival, perhaps the arrival of the anti-christ, which I believe was referred to throughout the performance.
  • Here are some interesting facts about the number 28.  It is considered a perfect number, the ninth and last number in early Indian magic square of order 3, and is the only known number which can be expressed as a sum of the first non negative integers (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7), a sum of the first primes (2 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 11) and a sum of the first non primes (1 + 4 + 6 + 8 + 9) and there is probably no other number with this property.[11]   28 is the fourth magic number in physics.  The average human menstrual cycle is 28 days.  There are 28 countries in the European Union (June 2015); this number was reached in July 2013 when Croatia joined.  And, in Hebrew Gematria, koakh meaning “power”, “energy” is a word that corresponds to the number 28.
  • Here are some facts about the number 56.  It is a semiperfect number, since 56 is twice a perfect numberThe Pythagoreans associated a polygon of 56 sides with Typhon; Typhon is a monstrous giant and the most deadly being of Greek mythology.  There should be 56 cards in the Minor Arcana of a Tarot deck.
  • The satanic figure has sex with a woman dressed as a white spirit.
  • An upside down tree was projected on the screen which refers to, As above, so below, a tenant of satanism.
  • A figure of royalty emerges, a woman dressed in a blood red floor length gown with large bell sleeves.  She is clearly pregnant and she shows it off to the audience.
  • Another horned beast which seems to represent perversion with a black leather cap on and a black strap through its mouth takes its place in front of the royal woman in red.  It positions itself on hands and knees in front of the woman, then the devil has sex with it.  This represented to me hybrids, chimeras, and Genesis 6.  The scene represented the impregnation of the woman in red.
  • Satan was welcomed from the abyss with perversion, bestiality and ritual.
  • The woman in red then gives birth to a human-like being.  This was the result of a supernatural conception.  The devil wants to imitate what G_d has done, and he has been trying to create a being in his own image since Genesis 6.  In this production, the devil, with the help of a human or hybrid woman, has finally given birth to his progeny.

    Orcs from Lord of the Rings
  • The S&M horned sexual beast, which was a woman scantily clad, went over to the audience area and taunted the seated dignitaries with sexual gestures.  This reminded me of Bohemian Grove, the perverse playground for the NWO’s orcs.  (Lord of the Rings reference)
  • A huge clock appears on the video screen spinning back and forth, clockwise and counterclockwise, but pauses.  Each pause is near 9:10, 9:15, 9:20.  Zombie miner characters bow before the clock and the woman in red.  I am not sure if it represents a time or a date but it feels like a date to me, which would be perhaps September 10th-20th.
  • The train arrives; the time has come.
  • Three men in suits wearing very large heads, representing either the elite or NWO/Illuminati leaders, emerge and dance in front as the other dancers line the perimeter.

There was an indoor performance as well at the entrance to the tunnel.  It was different from the one outside but congruent with the story it told.  It included a topless woman in a S&M diaper with feather wings wearing a super large head of a baby flying over what TruNews appropriately called MinerZombies.  This, too, I believe is a connection to the hybrid/chimera theme of Genesis 6 that was clearly displayed in the outdoor performance.

“For the coming of the Son of Man will be as the days of Noah,”
-Matthew 24:6

The demonic and satanism always want the children and always use perversion.  Anything connecting a baby and sex with the supernatural as illustrated in this bizarre character is beyond abhorrent.

I believe this is an elaborate production to tell us that the work of all the forces of darkness led by Satan himself is nearing completion.  The progeny was conceived, has been birthed, and has been groomed: he/she/it is here and they are about ready to unveil their prince.

In short, I believe this is announcing the arrival of the Anti-Christ.  The time has come.

Have you noticed how these bizarre and satanic events are getting bigger and more frequent?

See Russ Dizdar: The global rise in satanism and the occult and Demonic rampage caught on tape

Have you noticed how the entire planet seems to have been given to dangerous foolishness and occult celebrations?  Have you noticed how all the leaders of Europe and the US seemed at the same time to decide to bring many thousands of Muslims into their countries and even tell the populations to breed with them?  Can you not see an agenda, a direction, a common goal?

John Bowne of InfoWars did a great video report on how these satanic rituals are becoming commonplace.

We are so clearly in what the Bible calls the last days.  I encourage you to pray about this.

Today, 6/6/16, was celebrated by satanists around the world as satanists in the Los Angeles, California area made a pentagram throughout the city of Lancaster performing rituals, then closed the rite with the sunset.

This has already been a very strange year.  We have no reason to believe that it will get better, but find a lot of evidence that it will get worse.

If you know Yeshua please spend a lot of time in prayer.  The forces of darkness are very busy planning and plotting attacks.  We can’t take a breath without the L_rd.

For in him we live, and move, and have our being.  -Acts 17:28

 We need the peace that can only be found in Him, and the direction and supernatural power only provided by His Holy Spirit.  But, in Him, we can truly have the peace that passes all understanding, and discover that the joy of the L_rd is our strength.

And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
-Philippians 4:7

Do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.
-Nehemiah 8:10

We can take all of our cares to Him.

Casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.
-1 Peter 5:7

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.
-John 3:16

These are very troubling times.  If you don’t know Yeshua Jesus please talk to Him right now and invite Him into your heart.  Give your life to Him and ask Him to guide your every step.  Learn more on the Who is Yeshua Jesus? page.  We can’t do it on our own.  We need Him!  He is what our soul longs for!  You were made to have a supernatural relationship: but not with the great deceiver, the great imitator!  You were made to have a supernatural relationship with Yeshua Jesus!  He’s knocking on the door of your heart.




Article with commentary on the event and history:

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