Pope likens Jesus to ISIS; calls on Europe to breed with migrants

In interview Pope makes shocking statements echoing Sheikh Muhammad Ayed

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5/18/16 – Pope Francis continues his campaign of all things One World Government by telling Europeans to breed with migrants due to declining birthrates.  He also stunned the Christian world by likening Jesus to ISIS, which is not only obviously completely false historically, but heretical.

If you haven’t yet already asked yourself, what in the world is going on with the Pope?  Well, for starters, he’s from Argentina, a Socialist country.

As formerly vibrant Venezuela crumbles under the Socialist/Communist system Pope Francis continues to push the ideals we know lead only to suffering and misery for the population while the select few rise to the ruling class.

Bernie runs on a Socialist platform that dangles free college tuition in front of gullible and ignorant youth while his wife bankrupts a college forcing its closure.

The POTUS just Monday said that we should “put Nordic countries in charge” of the world, that they would “clean things up”, that “they have been extraordinarily important in shaping and maintaining an international order”, and that their wealth redistribution  makes everyone happy, and praised them for welcoming refugees.

Is it coincidence that the POTUS made that statement just two days before Francis made his statements about Europe breeding with migrants?  Hmmm, Obama praised the Nordic nations that have bowed to the demands of the NWO via the EU and are embracing, at their own peril, Muslim migrants, then the Pope encourages the breeding program?  They seem to work as a tag-team a lot.

Here is a great 3-minute video from InfoWars on the Muslim scholar that announced yesterday the elimination of the blonde haired and blue eyed Germans:

Read the InfoWars article here.

Did you notice how the audience of Germans applauded the statements?  Is that why Obama said the Nordic countries should run the world?  Because they are self-eliminating their culture and race?

This year is crazy.  We are seeing a culmination of so many different paths at the same point on the timeline.

I always end my articles with action points.  What are our action points?

Stop being part of the problem.  It’s time to put your big-boy pants on and stop pretending these things don’t exist.  Realize that the critical time in which we live requires each of us to pay attention and to listen to broadcasts or read articles giving us the true story not waste time reading and listening to CNN and Fox News when we have seen consistent and overwhelming evidence that they have been nothing more than a propaganda machine for years. Stop remaining silent!  We are in the majority!  It is only CNN and Fox News telling us that there has been a tight race in the presidential elections.  Trump has won by a landslide in nearly every state!  We are not the minority!  Clearly a large part of the US sees the problem and the danger and is trying to do something about it.

Do something.  Get active in your church or synagogue to form protest groups against the systematic usurping of our rights and sexualization of our children.

Repent.  Today.  On your knees, with complete sincerity, repent.  Tomorrow?  Repent some more.  Repent for the obvious things that are sin.  Repent for being one of the parents that lied to your children when you told them they were perfect and that all that matters is that they are happy.   Repent for not listening to the Word and believing the lies the Lord of Darkness spins from his seductive web.

Pray.  Intercede on behalf of the throngs suffering worldwide.  Pray for our government, and most especially President Obama, to have a Road to Damascus moment.  Pray for increased discernment and wisdom.  Pray for protection against all that seeks to destroy us.  Pray for mercy during what seems to be coming judgement.

It’s been said that G_d would have to apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah if He doesn’t judge the US.  Once you begin to see how all of these pieces of the NWO puzzle fit together you must eventually agree with that statement.

The US churches are not responding neither to the assault on our children nor the repeated assault by Pope Francis on the name and deity of Christ.  Certainly there must be consequences?

Time is running out.  The hounds of hell have been released.  Only our repentance and prayer may intervene with what appears to be certain judgement.




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