Germany draws up plans for European Army, tries to keep it quiet

Germany is backing a plan to assemble a European Union Army, which would bring together all 28 member states under one command

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5/5/16 – (TruNews) The plan would involve sharing equipment, putting together a council of ministers and having a headquarters.

The idea was brought up last year by European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker. Now a white paper has been drawn up by Germany, according to The Express.

“German security policy has relevance — also far beyond our country. Germany is willing to join early, decisively and substantially as a driving force in international debates … to take responsibility and assume leadership,” as reported by Financial Times.

Officials had planned to keep it under wraps until after June 23 – the day of the Brexit vote in Britain.

The people of Britain are divided over whether to leave the EU. Proponents believe Britain should exit the bloc because it is costly and a threat to national sovereignty.

“The more we Europeans are ready to take on a greater share of the common burden and the more our American partner is prepared to go along the road of common decision-making, the further the transatlantic security partnership will develop greater intensity and richer results,” the document said.

Junker claims the initiative will not hinder NATO in any way.

“Rather a European army would bring an intensive cooperation in the development and the purchase of military equipment and bring substantial savings,” he said.


One World Government, One World Army…begins with Europe?  The US is only a couple of years behind Europe.  Is it coincidence that the 2016 presidential election has revealed that the ruling political class doesn’t want the people to have the vote and even said in news interviews there is no reason for a popular election…because they put in who they want?  All at the same time, moves are being made to remove free-speech on many fronts, just one example is US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch moving to arrest those who disagree with climate change, the technology for a one world system is now in place, and the currency used in the US and the US economy is about to suffer a major change?  While Obama jokes this is the “end of the Republic” and presents himself in the form of a demon?

Wow.  Wake up, people!  The elevator just went down another floor.



Obama Jokes About the “End of the Republic,” Giving Speeches to Goldman Sachs

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