Chinese police to patrol streets of Rome

Chinese police are now being deployed on the streets of Milan and Rome


5/5/16 – (CNN) As part of a new experiment to help the vast numbers of Chinese tourists heading to Italy, Chinese police are now being deployed on the streets of Milan and Rome.

The move, which reflects China’s growing status as a global tourism superpower, is aimed at helping Italy’s more than three million yearly Chinese visitors feel safe.
Four officers, wearing Chinese police uniforms, will share information with Italian police and help Chinese visitors in need to contact authorities or report crimes.
Italian Home Secretary Angelino Alfano described the move as a European first, although a similar measure was introduced in Paris in 2014.
“Its main goal is to heighten the sense of security for Chinese tourists who come here. In the future, the project might be expanded to include other cities as well,” he said, according to the La Repubblica website.



More and more police and military enforcing laws in foreign territories.  It’s happened here, too.  The plans for an EU military force are being drawn up.  The NWO agenda is taking one bite at a time, across Europe and across the Americas.



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