Facial Recognition: Why you should take your photos off the internet now

N-Tech beats Google in facial recognition; creates creepy dating site

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5/2/16 – (The Observer)  Right now, the site only uses the database of Russian social network, VK, to find faces and profiles to match with, so if you aren’t on there, FindFace can’t find you yet.  (But) A Canadian professor of educational technology, Dr. Alec Couros, likes N-Tech’s solution and he’d support its implementation on larger social networks, particularly across Mark Zuckerberg’s digital empire.

Dr. Couros has been the indirect victim of catfishing scammers. His likeness is widely used across multiple social media sites by people who use it to run romance scams that bilk lonely women out of money. In a YouTube video, he used FindFace to spot more than 20 fake VK profiles using his photos.

Which brings us to the darker application of FindFace’s technology. Global Voice’s AdVox has the story of how users of a Russian imageboard (also known as a “chan”), used the technology to identify women who have acted in Russian pornography. The women, formerly anonymous, were identified by their VK profiles and since harassed, as has by now been widely reported.


Here’s Why You Should Take All Your Photos Off the Internet Now

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