Man accused of spying on 10 yr old girl in public bathroom

Accused was jailed 0n $250,000 bail

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4/28/16 – Barely out of the gate, this new policy being adopted by some companies such as Target, has already inspired criminals to use it as an opportunity.  A Pennsylvania man has been arrested for spying on a little girl in the stall next to him in a public bathroom.  Should anyone be surprised?

One angry FaceBook member commented regarding the bathroom issue, “If an obvious man, even if he claims to self-identify as a woman, walks into the ladies room after my wife or daughter, I will self-identify as the tooth fairy and hand him all his teeth.

shoemaker_thomas arrested_bathroom 10 yr old girl

This is so clearly a danger to women and children that I wonder why women’s groups are not loudly opposing it?  Even transgender individuals should not want to see increased danger for women and children.  Any man with only moderate strength can shove a woman or child  or a disabled woman or child into a stall, bar the door to the restroom and violate them.  And a lot of damage can be done in a short period of time.

No matter what the intent of transgender bathroom supporters, this is a very bad idea.



Pa. man charged after spying on 10-year-old girl in the bathroom

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