Baal’s Temple in NY Cancelled???

Temple of Baal construction in NY and UK seems to be cancelled; new plan

Arch of victory_Palmyra

4/1/16 – I read that the Temple of Baal project for Times Square and Trafalgar Square was cancelled but I was trying to make sure the story was true before I posted it.  Here’s what I know so far.

Charisma Magazine posted an article by Michael Snyder saying that this project was scrapped.  But, I couldn’t find much information on it.  I was not questioning Michael Snyder as much as I was puzzled by the strange and sudden last minute change of mind by the Institute for Digital Archaeology (IDA).

It seems a rather odd move when the plan was to erect 1000 of these abominations around the globe, beginning with Times Square and Trafalgar Square.  From a thousand to none?  Cancelled just roughly ten days from the event?  But they claim that they instead are going to build in Trafalgar Square a replica of the Trimphual Arch that was in Palmyra, Syria until it was destroyed…since they’ve decided to forego their plans of reconstructing the entrance to the Temple of Baal.

Okay, so no more 1000 Temples of Baal worldwide, but one Triumphal Arch in London?  And the date of April 19th will remain the same?

Where are all the thousands of Baal temple pieces going that have been under construction for quite awhile?  Are they stored somewhere?  How are they getting an entirely new project completed in so short a time?

Hmmm.  Very strange.  Michael Snyder is as puzzled as I am.

I hope this isn’t a Spinal Tap reunion movie stunt in homage to the original film’s set design of Stone Henge.  Sorry, that is a memory from my former life.  But that scene was quite funny.  I digress.

On the Institute of Digital Archaeology’s site there is a quote:

“By using digital techniques to map and preserve monuments and other aspects of shared human history, we are able to ensure that nobody can deny history or dictate that their narrative or ideology stands above the shared story of all humanity and our shared aspiration to live together in harmony.” 

But this quote is supposedly from, His Excellency Mohammed Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and The Future, Dubai UAE, Managing Director of Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation.

But who will decide what history is?  Islam already fights to the death to re-write history, the history of Muhammad, the history of Israel, history in their own favor.

Well, that certainly rings hollow!  Mr. Gurgawai, if you want to preserve architectural treasures, tell your Muslim brethren to stop blowing them up!

So the IDA is apparently connected to Islam and at least one Muslim nation, the UAE.  Interesting.  They mention it on their site but it’s on the People page:

“A joint venture between Harvard University, the University of Oxford and the government of the United Arab Emirates”

This Baal temple scheme was/is just another type of warfare, spiritual warfare, to destroy the US. The minions of darkness scamper about whispering in the ears of the vulnerable, directing decisions of the powerful, manipulating events and nursing outcomes.

Muslim nations have had strategies (And they’ve been blatant about it.) for a very long time to take down the US from within and they have been very successful; a very successful tool of the NWO.  They now have the finish line in sight.

Evil leaders of all ilks understand very well the power of satanic ritual the likes of Baal just as Hitler did, steeping himself and his posse in the most demonic practices at Wewelsburg Castle.  Ultimately, this is a plan of a master schemer to mold the globe into the Luciferian’s NWO model and they’ve known for a very long time they can’t get the whole world unless they get the US.  The Lord of Darkness fancies himself a choir director of sorts and he directs the goings and comings and plans to foment suffering.  We’ve been eaten away from inside by a beastly cancer.  And as Americans stuff their faces with toxic GMO cheese crust pizza and doughnuts and quarts of soda we’ve been too fat, sick and lethargic to even notice what’s going on around us.

Wake up people!  Snap out of it!  That huge arachnid from the Lord of the Rings is runnin’ up on you and if you don’t get out of this hole you’ll be injected with venom and wrapped up like a Gothic burrito!

C. Ervana has a great YouTube channel and she put out a video on the strange turn of events regarding the Baal/NY issue.  She documented some inconsistent reports about where the temple came from.

“One has to wonder, are they merely preserving the memory of a historical site, or are they setting up a temple to Baal in major cities?” she says.

She has another video describing how the Illuminati is using Islam for it’s dark purposes.

And, whether they put up this reconstruction of the temple on the 19th or not, the Festival of Baal continues and will be celebrated around the world.  And the list of horrific events that have happened on that date and during that 13-day festival still makes us uneasy as we approach the beginning of that festival in just a few days.

This is very strange indeed.  With only days to go, they are now scurrying to make all the parts to the new Triumphal gateway to be constructed in Trafalgar Square on the same date.

When I first heard that the reveal of the Baal temple entrance in NY was cancelled, as others celebrated, I was much more skeptical.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much cajoling to get Western Christians to stop praying and fasting; but it takes a whole lot of powerful persuasion to get them to take up the task.  I think we must stay very firm in our prayer and fasting on this issue, as the festival will unfold as it has for centuries while the US is in a very precarious position leading up to the presidential nominations.

If this is a victory due to prayer and fasting, hallelujah!  But it is only one victory among the many desperately needed, and it should encourage us to stay the course because PRAYER IS EFFECTIVE; PRAYER IS POWERFUL; PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!

I already noted in a prior article that the 19th is also the day that New York voters go to the polls.  But, it’s also Hitler’s birthday (the 20th in a regular year, but the 19th in Leap Year).  That’s an unsettling alignment with the April 19th – May 1st Blood Sacrifice to the Beast festival of Baal for sure, since the 19th is the day of the fire sacrifice.

If the Establishment nominates their own figurehead, ignoring the will of the people, after the people have come out in record numbers to vote, and the vote has been very decisively for Mr. Trump so far, there is no doubt that civil unrest will break out.  That writing is clearly on the wall.  I pray this will be turned around by the mercy of G_d!

And, the subsequent impact on the global tinderbox could be explosive for a long list of reasons.

Though I am being redundant, this entire thing is very odd.  Were they so arrogant that they were surprised building a temple to Baal received such attention?

951023 - Elysium
Life on Elysium

Well, arrogance is a hallmark of the Elite and the Luciferians.  Pride was the downfall of the Lord of Darkness.  Arrogance always blinds.  They want all of us to have severe restrictions on freedoms, but not them.  They want Africa to go without air conditioning (that’s been all over the web and on InfoWars) but they want it for themselves.  Mr. Zuckerberg advocates for open borders and criticizes Mr. Trump’s idea of building a wall on the southern border of the US, while Zuckerberg has security walls and security guards around his own compound.  Trump recently referred to Zuckerberg’s hypocrisy as self-righteous.  It really is a real life version of the movie Elysium.

Whatever the case, we must remain watchful.  The forces of darkness may be arrogant, but they are not stupid.  They are extremely adept at deception.  Stay on your knees in prayer and repentance.  Ask for G_d to increase your discernment.  We will need it.

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