Obama: “There’s little difference between socialism and capitalism”

Incomprehensible remarks continue: “Just choose from what works”


3/25/16 – Obama tangos, Belgium smolders, threats abound.  But the POTUS then made a speech to Argentinian youth that boggles the mind, saying there is “little difference between communism and capitalism.”  This is  prep for the fall of the Republic.  This is incredibly troubling and dangerous.  The veil on his views has been lifted and if you can’t see it now, that he is Marxist or Communist, you are living in deep denial.  Maybe that’s why he surrounded himself with Communists, i.e. Valerie Jarrett.  He has truly been revealed to have been, all along, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

InfoWars reports:

Obama went on to praise Cuba’s socialist system under dictator Raúl Castro, touting the country’s free access to basic education and health care, although he acknowledged that Havana itself “looks like it did in the 1950s” because the economy is “not working”.



Obama: ‘There’s Little Difference Between Communism and Capitalism’

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