Capitalism vs. Socialism: Why Capitalism is great

Since the POTUS said there’s little difference, you need to understand it

3/25/16 -It’s shocking that we have to address this issue in the United States of America but we must so let’s dive in.

First, watch the video.

You think Socialism is tempting???  Don’t you understand that they disperse wealth?  Don’t you understand that, on the world scale, anyone in the U.S. is in the top 20% of the world’s wealthiest?  Do you honestly think if that type of system were allowed to come to power here that they would send IPhones, PowerBooks and Whole Foods gift cards to the whole world?  No, mon frère.  They would bring you down to the global poverty level not bring the 75-80% of the world up to your level of wealth.

You don’t like what they serve you for lunch?  Tough.  Any complaints over the state’s putrid gruel and you might see the bottom of someone’s boot.

Fashion?  What fashion?  You’ll be lucky to get a state sanctioned jumpsuit in lovely apocalyptic grey.

Aw, you’re too hot?  Too cold?  Tough.  You might not get heat or air conditioning or even a blanket.

You complain about working now?  You would be working hours set by the state, in a job chosen by the state, in awful conditions with no rights and no recourse because you have no freedoms.  Hello, anybody listening??

You like doing fun things with your friends?  You might not have so many choices under Socialism, Sparky.  And you may be under curfew.  You might just have to redefine “fun”.

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And, the cherry on top?  You will be nothing but a servant class to the ruling class.  Yes, the ruling class.  The NWO that we’ve warned about for years will be in charge, gather all the wealth to themselves (think Elysium), determine how many of us live and how many will die (think Hunger Games; they have to get rid of a lot of people so your death will become their sport), and choose sex slaves for themselves, keep people alive for organ harvesting as China already does now, and you WILL HAVE NO RIGHTS.

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If Socialism takes over in the U.S. not only will the U.S. population suffer all of the typical things when a take over of that kind occurs, i.e. violence, war, resistance, concentration camps, lowering of the living standard, oppression, living essentials scarcity, etc. (read your history if you don’t know any better), but it would also affect the entire globe because the U.S. is the top contributor to aid and philanthropic organizations worldwide.  Water and food programs around the globe would suffer, thus global suffering would increase.

But, then you’ve already been taught to long for it with movies like Elysium and Hunger Games.  You’ve already been programmed to romanticize the coming system and subsequent captivity.  How sweet, you want to be a bow hunter!  Well, good thing since you gave up your guns.

This movement toward socialism is truly ignorant and foolish, but it’s worse than just foolish: it’s terrifyingly dangerous.  Once your individual freedoms are gone you’ll never get them back!

Wow, this mess we’re in sounds an awful lot like the prophecies of the Bible, especially the book of Revelation: lots of suffering, lots of death, can’t buy or sell without some sort of mark on your hand or forehead, global system, global leader, increasing numbers of disasters, major weather changes, increasing demonic activity, unprecedented wars…  Hmmm, that’s a strange coincidence.

Seek the Lord while He may be found.  -Isaiah 55:6

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