More plotting to stop Trump AFTER winning election

“The electoral college could still stop Trump, even if he wins the popular vote,” Muller

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3/18/16 – Derek T. Muller wrote the following for the Washington Post.

Donald Trump will be the GOP’s presidential nominee. Within the party, talk of a brokered Republican National Convention or even a supporting a third-party candidate has circulated among those hoping to stop him from becoming the next president, leaving Trump antagonists across the spectrum to ponder whether there’s any fail-safe left, after November, to stop a Trump administration from becoming a reality.

There is. The electoral college.”  (Bold emphasis mine)

Did you catch that?  They are now trying to dig up ways to dismiss the will of the people and continue with their sick plan, with their chosen puppet at the White House, one they can completely control and count on to work toward the globalist agenda.

The TruNews team also had a great discussion on the shocking Post article and how the presidential race has ripped the curtain back revealing the scandal and corruption.

This is extremely disturbing.  It’s a lot harder to cover up voter fraud when it’s a landslide and Trump has been winning by a landslide everywhere.  So, they’re stepping up their game, putting it in your face even more, anticipating a Trump victory and having a plan to make it impossible for him to take office when he does.

It doesn’t matter what you think of Trump.  The point is that this campaign has so stirred up the hornets nest that it has exposed just how corrupt and arrogant these people are.  They are so corrupt that they are coming right out in interviews and public statements telling us that they are going to keep him from office one way or another…no matter how we vote.

Yesterday I posted the article with video where the GOP official said that our votes don’t matter and that the delegates will vote the way they want and that it’s the media incorrectly suggesting to the public that we actually get a say in who will be president.

This is something that could cause civil disobedience and uprising on a scale not seen since the 60’s; and rightly so.  A whole lot of people would be very angry to see that it’s all been a sham, and that all the people courting us for our votes have been part of the scheme for years.

It’s all coming to a head.  Please stay in prayer.  This is a tinder box about to explode into flames.  And, please make sure you have emergency supplies for your family in the case of civil unrest, so that you will still have necessary items to get through any supply delays that may arise.

As is usually the case with the globalists, they tell you what they’re going to do to you before they do it.  They are saying they already took our power away and just tried to keep us from seeing that.  I have been telling people this for years and most don’t want to see it.

Wake up and stand up!  Now’s the time to start gathering together as one people and demand that our votes be honored as they should be.  Don’t let their scheming create racial wars meant only to divide and conquer!  That plays into their hands!  It’s obvious now: just connect the dots and read the writing on the wall!

In this country, we determine our officials by vote and the will of the voters must be carried out by the delegates.  We don’t set our country on fire in a pathetic attempt to make a point.  We must not stoop to such a level.  You don’t get violent if your favorite candidate doesn’t win.  But when it’s a landslide, that’s it.  And we must hold their feet to the fire and see to it that the will of the voters is carried out.

We must together peacefully demonstrate that we will not let them steal our rights and freedoms from us.  Not now, not ever.

Pray hard; pray a lot.



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