This is what MsM is hiding about Trump rallies

Demonstrators discuss their differences with intelligence

3/13/16 – (InfoWars)  As protesters and Trump supporters clash outside of the Trump rally in Cleveland, OH, a couple who support Trump and a Black Lives Matter member attempt to blur the lines of race and view the world from each others perspectives to better understand where they are each coming from.

The mainstream media refuses to cover these interactions, instead painting all Trump supporters as vicious racists and continuing their strategy of divide and conquer.

This is how it’s done people!!!  Talk it out with love and respect.  Don’t play into the globalist’s hands by participating in divisive behavior and helping them achieve their goal of racial war.  They are trying to play us against each other!  Stand up against this and say no!  There is not as much difference as the corrupt media would have you believe!  We all need freedom, justice, and jobs!  Our country is under attack from globalists and we have to fight it together!  United we stand, divided we fall!



This Is What the MSM Is Hiding At Trump Rallies

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