Hillary finally derailed? Email says Saudi’s funded Benghazi

“We have an e-mail from a trusted Clinton adviser that claims the Saudis funded the Benghazi attack”


3/11/16 –  (ZeroHedge)  Did Secretary Clinton not tell anyone what she knew about alleged Saudi involvement in the attacks because she didn’t want to endanger the millions of dollars of Saudi donations coming in to the Clinton Foundation?

This scandal has the potential to completely derail the Clinton campaign in the general election. If Hillary Clinton really cares about the future of this country and the Democratic party, she will step down now while there is still time to nominate another candidate. This is not a right wing conspiracy, it is a failure by one of our highest government officials to uphold the laws that preserve government transparency and national security. It’s time for us to ask Secretary Clinton to tell us the truth and do the right thing. If the United States government is really preparing a case against Hillary Clinton, we can’t wait until it’s too late.

Then, there’s also the connection to the 9/11 attacks.  That connection is still not discussed openly.

Trump said if he’s elected that he will release all the information about who “really did” the 9/11 attacks.  The missing 28 pages from the report would shed a lot of light on the tragedy.

My comments: This woman should be in prison!  She should not be allowed to run for President!





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